PM Modi's road show with French President Emmanuel Macron in jaipur

PM Modi’s road show with French President Emmanuel Macron on Jan 25 in Jaipur

PM Modi road show in jaipur with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, will visit historical monuments.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a road show in Jaipur with French President Emmanuel Macron and will go to see the historical heritage of Rajasthan. Modi and Macron will reach Jaipur at 2 pm on Thursday. After this, there will be a road show from Sanganeri Gate of Jaipur to Hawamahal.

Modi-Macron will stay in Jaipur for 5 hours

  • Roadshow
  • Will go from Jaipur Airport to Sanganeri Gate at 2 pm. Will greet people sitting in an open vehicle from Sanganeri Gate to Hawa Mahal.
  • Photoshoot
  • Narendra Modi and Emmanuel Macron will do a photo shoot in front of Hawa Mahal.
  • Will sit at the shop and drink tea
  • Modi and Macron will sit and drink tea at three shops built at Hawa Mahal.
  • Will see the city palace
  • From Hawa Mahal, both will go to City Palace of Jaipur. Both will stay at the City Palace for about 40 minutes and see the palace of the former royal family.
  • Wreath on the statue of Bose
  • Will reach Subhash Chowk from City Palace and garland the statue of Subhash Chandra Bose.
  • Will see Amer Fort
  • From Subhash Chowk, Modi-Macron will go directly to Amer Fort. Both will stay at Amer Palace for about two hours. Three guides will also be with him to provide information about Amer.
  • BJP leaders meeting in Rambagh
  • After seeing Amer Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to Hotel Rambagh. Here Modi will hold a meeting with BJP leaders and leave for Delhi at 7 pm.

Jaipur being decorated for PM Modi and President Macron

Before the arrival of Modi, the main road from Jaipur Airport to Amer Palace is being decorated, lights have been installed along with cleanliness and flowers. Cleaning and painting work of shops in the main market from Sanganeri Gate to Subhash Chowk is going on. Special colors and painting are being done on the walls in front of Hawa Mahal. Elephants will also be decorated and kept ready to show Modi in Amer Palace and City Palace. Amer Palace is completely decorated. 

Due to Modi-Macron visit on January 25, Amer Mahal and City Palace will be completely closed for tourists. Also, during the visit of Modi-Macro, the railing installed in front of Hawa Mahal for tourists to stand has been removed for the time being.

CM-Governor will also not be with Modi. About 4 thousand policemen including police officers will be present in Amer and Parkote from Jaipur Airport. Governor, CM, Chief Secretary, DGP will receive PM Modi at Jaipur Airport. After this no one will stay with Modi. Only the President of France will be with Modi.

Traffic will be diverted in Jaipur today and tomorrow

Due to the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the traffic of more than half the city will be affected on January 24 and 25. Traffic will be diverted due to VVIP movement from the airport to Amer via Parkota. In such a situation, if you do not go to Parkota and JLN route for two days, you can avoid the traffic jam. 

According to the information, there will be VVIP movement from the airport via JLN road to Ramniwas Bagh, entering the boundary wall, till Jalmahal, Amer Fort. In such a situation, the traffic on this route has been diverted.

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