wildlife week 2022

‘Wild Animals Week’ to be celebrated from October 2 to 8


Rajasthan will be celebrating ‘Wild Animals Week’ from 2 to 8 October. During this week, 10 thousand students will be given a free visit to the Zoo, Wetland, Biological Park, and Zoological Park. Educational programs and activities will also be organized. 

In the week-long education program, the importance of saving wild animals will be explained to the students. There will be workshops and seminars throughout the week. The aim behind this is to promote the environment, wildlife conservation and the utility of wildlife. Wildlife week will be celebrated with enthusiasm across the state after two years of the pandemic.

10 thousand students of schools will be given a free visit

The students of educational institutes have been permitted free entry to the zoo and biological park during this period. Under this, free visits will be made to 10 thousand students of the schools of the state.

There will be workshops, seminars, quizzes and competitions in the wildlife area. This initiative of providing the students with the experience of forests will develop their interest in nature. Apart from this, activities including short plays, a wildlife cleanliness campaign, a quiz, and spot painting will also be organized. 

During Wildlife Week, the students will get to visit various protected areas, zoos, biological, zoological parks, wetlands and other places in the state for local environment and ecology. They will be informed about the balance of nature. Along with this, the importance of forest animals, trees and plants for humans will be explained. 

Students will get free entry into these conservative wildlife areas

It includes Machia, Sajjangarh, Nahargarh, Abheda Biological Park as well as Keoladeo National Park, Ranthambore, Sariska, Jhalana and Amagad, Mukundra Hills, Ramgarh Vishdhari, Talchapar and all other National Tiger Reserves.

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