cannabis at JCS in Jaipur

Outfits curated from cannabis at JCS in Jaipur

Jaipur Couture Show (JCS) to be held on 6th, 7th and 8th April at The Palace in Jaipur, outfits made from cannabis will be the attraction.

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The Jaipur Couture Show (JCS) will soon see a glimpse of new fabrics. The show is going to take place on 6th, 7th and 8th April at The Palace in Jaipur. This time the most special part in this event will be the clothes made from cannabis. The glamorous style of the models of the country and abroad will also be seen.

A new type of fabric was launched on Monday at Vesta Hotel in Gopalbari. It will soon be introduced to the public on this show. This fabric is prepared from a special plant ‘cannabis’ of Uttarakhand. This cannabis fabric is prepared from thread made from the seeds and bark of the hemp plant.

This hemp dress has been designed by designer Shalini Naruka, Designer from Jaipur Dori. She is originally from Rajasthan. For this, she has prepared a complete workstation in Uttarakhand.

According to the Designer, Shalini Naruka, “Along with outfits from cannabis fabric, hand woven fabric will also be presented on the ramp. In this, the designer outfits will be showcased in the natural colors of the fabric white, light gray and light brown.”

Many designers will showcase their work in the fashion show

Apart from Shalini Naruka from Jaipur Dori, the fashion show will see Khadi Board brand ambassador Himmat Singh, Deepak Sankit, Heena Balani and jewelry designers Ayesha and Radhika to present their collections. The collection will be presented by industry’s top models, Femina Miss India and Bollywood celebrities.

While showcasing a glimpse of his collection, Khadi Board brand ambassador Himmat Singh told the designers that his menswear collection during the show will present the royal Rajasthani culture. Where the Royal Garments of the time of the old Rajas and Maharajas will be presented with the inclusion of Khadi.

Besides, Deepak Sankit from the Craft Council of Weavers and Artisans will showcase the collection will be based on handicraft and handloom. The handicrafts will be presented by the craftsmen of Aanwa of Tonk district. Along with this, the printing of famous Ajrak prints of Rajasthan and Gujarat will be seen on hand-woven sarees.

Jewellery designers Ayesha and Radhika will showcase the routine jewellery of modern women. In her collection, semi-precious handmade fusion jewellery will be the special.

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