No water supply in Jaipur

No water supply in Jaipur from today evening

Water supply shutdown in the entire Jaipur city due to maintenance of Bisalpur system, contact control room if there is drinking water issue.


Water supply in the city and its outskirts will be affected for nearly 24 hours from this evening. Jaipur city will not get water supply from Bisalpur dam from Friday evening to Sunday evening as the Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) would stop the Bisalpur pipeline connection to facilitate the Bisalpur II project.

After many years, this will be the first time that there will be a water supply shutdown in the entire Jaipur city and its outskirts. As per the officials, there won’t be water supply on the evening of February 24 and no supply at all on February 25. However, efforts will be made to restore partial supply in the evening of February 25.

The shutdown will be from 3 am on February 24 till 3 am on February 26, but water supply from the system will resume normally from February 27 morning itself. In such a situation, people will have to save water for three days and rely on alternative arrangements.

PHED is connecting the newly constructed intermediate pump house in Renwal with Bisalpur main pipeline that transfers water from Surajpura Filter Plant to Balawala Pump House in Sanganer.

According to a PHED engineer, “On Friday (February 24) morning, we will provide regular water supply. From Sunday (February 26) morning, normal services will be restored. For tail-end areas where we supply water using tankers, normal services will continue. However, since we will be supplying pre-stores water from our pumphouses, the quantity may be less than usual.”

The department has also made arrangements to supply through tankers.

Contact them if there is a drinking water problem

Additional Chief Engineer Jaipur II R on Thursday evening to solve the drinking water problems of common people during the shutdown of Bisalpur system. C. Meena has issued mobile contact numbers of drinking water problem solution control rooms located in Gandhi Nagar and water supply engineers posted in the field.

Control Room

Gaurav Saxena 9462810852
Piyush Goyal 8000560308
Ankit Saxena 6377483790
Sharad Khandelwal 9462901168
Sampat Singh 9784589625

Gandhi Nagar

Subhash Sharma-Executive Engineer 8279101550
Akashdeep Gurjar 9762367533
Sunil Parashar 9414316467
Gaurav Pareek 9782344322
Brij Kishore Dhenwal 9982227884

Jyoti Nagar

Devendra Sharma – Executive Engineer 9414049756
Deepak Singhal 8005503675
Vikas Sharma 9602776637
Mangaturam Jain – Civil Lines 9414681617
Rajveer – Chitrakoot 9079395256
Mahesh Singh – Mahesh Nagar 9468739024

Malviya Nagar

Nisha Sharma – Executive Engineer 9414085647
Renu Verma 9166569064
Harshita Khandelwal 7597016537
Priya Baria 8947834741
Himani – Jagatpura 7014549553
Sapna Singh – Durgapura 8619557887

Sanganer, Mansarovar

NK Verma – Executive Engineer 9413348355
Anusuiya Tiwari 7976685373
Nisha Sattavan 9672647371
Neeraj Meena 8385923265
Roopchand Jangid 9414439746

Shastri Nagar

Deepak Sharma – Executive Engineer – Shastri Nagar 9784144905
Kirti – Panipech 9680375763
Nishant Prakash 9953179787
Balpriya Singh – Shastri Nagar 7791838658
Bhuvnesh Kuldeep – Bani Park 8764101677

Mistri Khana

Sanjay Sharma – Executive Engineer – 9414057137
Kajal Mittal 6378142483
Keval krishna 9462772229
Sandeep Kumar 9602849363
Major Deen – Mehndi ka Chowk 8279101506, 9509390974
Rishabh – Ajmeri Gate 8764131133


Girish Jain – Executive Engineer – 7976605861
VK Gupta – 9414551029
Lokesh – Bandhgate – 9252972345
Ajay Singh Meena – Transport Nagar – 9785687551

Vidhyadhar Nagar

Jayashiv Katara – Executive Engineer – Vidyadhar Nagar 9414048324
Assistant Engineer
Kavita Meena – Vidyadhar Nagar – 9413778907
Satyaprakash – Vidyadhar Nagar – 9782324148
Kiran Jakhar – Vidyadhar Nagar – 6375747290
Hansraj Chowdhary – Vidyadhar Nagar – 978577979 Satyaprakash Panwar VKI – 9782324148
Ravi Kumar Jangid – Jhotwara – 8906431814

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