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100 electric buses to run on the streets of Jaipur


The city has got the approval for 100 electric buses. Along with this, 50 additional buses have also been approved for roadways. For the first time in the city, electric buses are being added to the city and roadways. 

The city of Jaipur has been included in the Faster Adobe Saw and Manufacturing Electric Vehicle Scheme (FEM-2) of the Central Government. Under this, 150 buses are being given to the state with a 50 percent subsidy. Roadways and JCTSL were required to join the scheme and 300 buses were demanded. Currently, 150 buses have been sent to the city. In this, 100 buses have been given for JCTSL and the remaining 50 electric buses will be included in the roadways.

Now, roadways and JCTSL will issue tenders for the purchase of buses. In the coming five to six months the buses will be seen running in Jaipur. Roadways took the electric bus trial on the Jaipur-Delhi route this Friday. The bus was seen driving from Roadways headquarters to Bagru.

This will benefit Jaipur in two ways. Firstly, It will provide relief from deadly and bad low-floors. Currently, there is a shortage of buses in the city. JCTSL buses are being operated in a very poor condition. The arrival of electric buses will increase the buses in JCTSL. People will get a safe ride.

Secondly, with the arrival of electric buses, Pink city will become pollution-free. NGT has been included in Jaipur’s five most polluted cities of the state. Low-floor buses are also causing pollution in the city. The new buses will reduce pollution.  

JCTSL buses can run up to 200 km after charging. For this, a charging station will also be made for the buses at the JCTSL Bagrana Depot. These buses will soon run on a major route in the city. These buses are also ready to run at Jaipur Delhi route. The distance from Jaipur to Delhi is about 275 km. A charging station between Jaipur to Delhi will be prepared soon. There will not be much difference in fares.

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