No Honking zones in Jaipur

‘No Honking’ zones in Jaipur to control noise pollution

Jaipur Traffic Police to set up no honking zones in Jaipur to fight against noise pollution. A penalty of Rs. 1000 will be charged on those violating the rules.


With an aim to curb noise pollution, Jaipur Traffic Police will set up no-honking zones in Jaipur. A fee of Rs. 1000 will be imposed in case of repeated violations. Such zones will be developed around schools, malls, hospitals and other assigned areas. 

The Pollution Control Board had conducted an activity to evaluate the level of noise pollution in the city. The activity to determine the noise level was enforced between January and June, at 6 different spots. Not a single area was reported within the prescribed limit. Amid the different areas where the activity was executed, Badi Chaupad recorded the maximum levels of noise pollution.

To fight against noise pollution, videos of individuals found violating the rules will be made by officials and policemen. The rule-breakers will be penalized in a three-phase system. Warnings will be given the first time, but if noticed violating the orders repeatedly, they will have to bear strict action.

These will be rules for violating the rules

  1. At the first time of breaking the rule, no penalty will be charged and only a warning will be given.
  1. If found violating the rule for the second time, the violator will be locked up at the spot for half an hour.
  1. If the same violation happens for the third time, the rule-breaker will be shown an hour-long film about traffic norms.
  1. If they are repeatedly violating the rules, the violator will be called by police officers at 12 PM to inform them about ‘no honking’ and a challan fee amount of ₹1,000 will be imposed.

Areas marked by the Traffic Police as ‘no-honking’ zones

  • 150 metres area around the Vidhan Sabha
  • Both sides of the roads adjoining Collectorate Circle to Sawai Jaisingh Highway Chinkara canteen 
  • The stretch from Collectorate Circle to Khasakothi Circle
  • The middle area at Hawa Sadak T point
  • Both sides of the road between Jal Bhawan and the nearby Chauraha
  • 150 metres area around hospitals
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