jaipur City Park to have golf cart

Newly opened City Park to have golf carts soon

After gaining immense popularity, the recently opened City Park in Mansarovar will have golf carts for children and the elderly, at a fee of 100 Rs per person.


A recently opened attraction, City Park in Mansarovar is earning a lot of love from tourists and locals alike. People from all walks of life visit this beautiful park. Seeing its popularity, one more facility will now be offered to the visitors. The authorities are going to run golf carts for children and elderly people soon.

Rajasthan Housing Board has sought proposals from companies to run two golf carts in City Park. The golf carts will be made available for the elderly and children so they can visit the park without any hassles. The company will also be provided with car charging and parking facilities in the park itself.

According to the Rajasthan Housing Board Commissioner Pawan Arora, “the park is very big and attractive, so it has gained a lot of popularity among children and elderly people who are visiting the park in large numbers. With an objective to make the visit convenient, tenders have been floated for the facility of golf carts.”

The elderly, children, pregnant women and disabled people will be able to visit the whole park on these golf carts. As of now, the board administration has fixed a charge of Rs 100 per person for a ride. However, the company can also reduce it deeming its convenience and expenditures.

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This car will run from Entrance Plaza located on Madhyam Marg. The cart fee will be Rs 100 per person. It will be an eight-seater cart equipped with an electric charger. This facility will be available from 10 am to 9 pm.

The City Park was built with a 3.5-kilometre track. Along with this, there are many other interests in the park including sculptures, a lake and a big tricolour flag.

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