New travel rules at Jaipur airport amid fear of Omicron

The government of India has issued new guidelines for international travellers at all international airports of India including Rajasthan.

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Over the fear of Omicron in the wake of an emergency, the Central Government has issued a new guideline for the passengers coming from abroad at all the international airports of India including the airports of the state. New guidelines were implemented at Jaipur airport on Wednesday.

Now the foreign travellers will have to give complete details of their plan on the Air Suvidha Portal. After coming to India, the passengers coming to India from other countries will have to provide the 14 days history at the airport. The foreign travellers will also have to give information about which district or village of which state they will go to. 

After the World Health Organisation declared Omicron as a Variant of Concern (VOC), the health department is taking strict and effective measures to control its entry into the country and prevent the spread of transmission within.

RT-PCR test of the passengers will be done at the airport; If positive, then genome sequencing of their sample will be done. This will ensure that he is not infected with the Omicron variant of Covid. Apart from this, if an international traveller whose report is negative, the team of the Medical and Health Department will monitor them for 2 to 5 days and later their RT PCR test will be done again.

According to Jaipur CMHO Dr. Narottam Sharma, under the guidelines of the Central Government, the Airport Authority has set up a team for screening and screening of passengers coming from abroad. A sample collection area of rapid RT PCR Covid-19 test and a sample processing lab has been created. All the passengers arriving at the airport are being screened. Samples of those people are also being taken, who are not bringing the RTPCR report.

It is mandatory for all International airports of India to follow this new guideline issued by the Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Officials said that they have intensified surveillance across the state for early detection of the cases.

Apart from this, a guideline has also been issued for passengers travelling in domestic flights. It will be mandatory for all passengers to wear masks, frequent hand sanitisation and ensure Covid appropriate behaviour during the journey.

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