covid guidelines for international passengers

Relief in covid guidelines for international passengers

The government released new Covid guidelines for passengers travelling from abroad; no need for vaccination certificate and RTZ-PCR test now.

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The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a new guideline regarding Covid-19 giving relief to passengers coming from abroad. It has been assumed that Covid cases have decreased due to worldwide vaccination. Given this, the strictness imposed earlier for the passengers coming from abroad has now been relaxed.

In the new rules, now passengers will neither need to keep an RT-PCR report or covid vaccination certificate nor will it be mandatory to wear a face mask in the flight. However, social distancing will be followed and passengers will be able to adopt face masks or other preventive measures for their safety as per their choice.

The Government of India has accepted that now Covid is almost towards the end. The new guideline regarding Covid-19 will apply to international arrival passengers. In this, the passengers coming to India from abroad have now been given relief from all compulsions.

This guideline of the Union Ministry has been implemented at the International Airport of the entire country including Jaipur International Airport. In these guidelines, boosting tourism is also being considered as a major reason behind the removal of the compulsions of Covid. The Central Government hopes that by eliminating these compulsions, the arrival of tourists in India will increase and the economy will be boosted.

The major guidelines released

  • Passengers will be able to adopt face masks or other preventive measures for their safety.
  • In-flight Covid announcements will continue
  • Cabin crew will have to make announcements to avoid Covid
  • Passengers will be expected to wear masks and follow social distancing
  • Passengers will be isolated if they show symptoms of Covid-19
  • Under the standard protocol, such a passenger will be required to wear a mask.
  • Social distancing will be maintained while passengers are being disembarked from the flight.
  • Thermal screening of passengers will be done by health staff
  • Passengers will be able to call the helpline number 1075 in case of problems.
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