guidelines for school buses in Rajasthan

New guidelines for school buses in Rajasthan

The state government has issued new guidelines for school buses for both government and private to curb unfavourable incidents.


As the lives of children travelling from school buses are at risk, the state government has released new guidelines for the school buses operating in both government and private institutions. This move is taken with the aim to prevent accidents.

As per the guidelines, ‘Every conductor and driver of the school bus has to be verified by the police. The district collector committee will be governing it. The school buses won’t be allowed to take up more students than their capacity. Every school bus has to mention the name of the school, bus driver and child helpline to avoid any confusion with the identity.’

According to a senior education officer, “More than 10 lacs students travel to school through school buses every day. This circular will prove to be very important for the security and safety of students. Their safety is highly crucial. So, the guidelines we have issued should be followed by everyone.”

The Director of Secondary School Education, Gaurav Aggarwal is behind issuing the orders. Furthermore, the District education officers have been appointed to obtain authentication documents from every school in their area. The documents need to be submitted to the directorate within 15 days.

However, the government schools don’t provide school transport and only private schools do. The circular has been issued for both government and private schools. Many reports have been received in the past where students risked their lives in the accidents caused due to the negligence of the school bus drivers.

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