New guidelines for coaching institutes in Rajasthan

New guideline issued for coaching center in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government has issued new guidelines for coaching centers to curb down the increasing coaching mafia in the state.


In a view of the increasing suicide cases along with competition and academic pressure, the Rajasthan government has issued a guideline to curb down on the growing coaching mafia in the state.

Under this, a coaching monitoring committee will be formed at the district level across the state. This will include parents and doctors as well as the police administration. Along with this, an online portal will be made where students can register complaints. The online portal will be monitored at the Chief Minister level.

The new guidelines intend to improve the educational system of the students, work has been done to improve their mental condition. Any coaching institute not following the guidelines of the government will be facing the strict action

According to the guidelines of the education department, the team of guardians and doctors along with government officials-employees will also continuously monitor the coaching institutes.

New guidelines for coaching institutes

  • It will be necessary for the coaching institute and parents to have the residential address and mobile number of the students.
  • Police patrolling will be necessary around hostel and PG facilities.
  • Separate help desk will be necessary for the students in the police station.
  • Before opening a new coaching center, it will be necessary to confirm that there is no sale of liquor or drugs in the vicinity.
  • Arrangements will be made for movement register or electronic attendance for students and other people coming to the coaching institute.
  • Awareness week will be organized in coaching institutes for the mental health of students. For this, the district level committee will take the help of experienced psychologists.
  • Workshops will be organized to prevent stress. The district administration will be responsible to direct coaching institutes to prepare monthly programs and organize them.
  • The contact number and helpline number of the police station will have to be given to the students.
  • A uniform format will be implemented for PG and hostel students. In which their complete details, contact information of parents, monthly rent, refund policy, information about facilities provided and rules of the coaching institute will be given.
  • It will be necessary to do police verification of the entire staff working in the coaching institute, hostel.
  • Entry will have to be done in the register along with the reason for the arrival and departure time of the students for coaching.
  • Strict action will be taken against the coaching institutes for fooling the students by showing false and fake advertisements.
  • Complete record of persons coming from outside in hostel and coaching, personal identity, mobile number, reason for coming etc. will have to be maintained in the register.
  • For the safety of students coming to coaching in the evening, it will be necessary to have proper lights.
  • CCTV cameras will have to be installed along with security guards in coaching, hostels.
  • On receiving the complaint, the hostel, mess, and tiffin service providers will be investigated by a joint team of the Medical and Logistics Department.
  • It will be necessary to list referral services like hospitals, doctors etc. to help the students in the coaching institute.
  • There should be provision of first aid in the coaching institute also.
  • Coaching, hostel operators will have to act as caretakers of any students who are unwell till their parents come. In this, cooperation of Anganwadi workers, volunteers of voluntary organizations, NCC, NSS volunteers and retired government personnel will be taken.
  • Arrangements should be made for clinical counseling of students in coaching institutes.
  • Psychological guidance center for students should be operated as a wellness center in the coaching institute.
  • If the students remain absent for three days without informing. So the coaching institutes will have to contact his parents and find out the reason for his absence.
  • Complete records of students attending online classes will also have to be kept.
  • An e-learning center with internet and computer facility will have to be set up in the coaching centers. If any student is not able to attend any lecture, they can take the help of e-lectures.
  • Once after taking admission in coaching, if any student wants to leave. They will be returned the deposit fees for the remaining period in 10 days. If the student is staying in the coaching hostel, then the mess fee will also have to be returned.
  • Students studying in coaching institutes will be told about other career options in case they are not successful in the entrance examinations of IITs and medical institutes.
  • The coaching institute will have to make such arrangements that the complaints of the students and their relatives can be resolved immediately.
  • Coaching institutes will not be able to publish test results.
  • Along with the students, their parents will also have to be oriented.

Complaints will have to be resolved in 30 days

A committee will be constituted to keep a complete record of coaching institutes in every district to investigate and take action against complaints related to coaching and hostels. This committee will control all the coaching centers in the district. The authority will also have to operate a helpline in its office so that any coaching student or his guardian can contact them for their complaint or enquiry.

After giving an opportunity of hearing to both the parties, the inquiry committee will submit its report to the chairman of the district authority with recommendations like penalty, cancellation of registration.

Coaching institutes, students or parents who are dissatisfied with the decision of the district level committee will be able to appeal to the appellate authority of the state government. This appeal has to be done within 30 days. This Appellate Authority will have to give its decision within 45 days after hearing both the parties. The decision of the Appellate Authority will be final.

Will not be able to publish test results

Coaching institutes will no longer be able to publish test results of students. This is because the students get stressed when they get low marks in the test. In such a situation, a student is mentally disturbed. Due to which many times they take wrong steps. So, for such students, the coaching institute, hostel will also arrange for a psychologist.

A state level Committee will be formed

Whether the institutes are implementing the instructions related to the safety and mental health of the students studying in the coaching institutes and reducing the stress or not. A state level committee will do the work of monitoring this.

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