JLF 2020 CM Ashok Gehlot

JLF-2020: CM Ashok Gehlot inaugurated Jaipur Literature Festival


The Jaipur Literature Festival of Literature has begun on Thursday. This was duly inaugurated by CM Ashok Gehlot. The 13th edition of the Mega event Jaipur Literature Festival is being held at the Diggi Palace Hotel in Jaipur.

JLF 2020 is being held from 23 to 27 January. Like every year, this time also as speakers, writers, politicians, celebrities, and journalists related to the film world will speak on topics like art, fashion, politics, economy, climate change, current affairs, writing, society, and living languages. People from all over the country and abroad will listen to the speakers in the five-day session.

Every corner of the festival is decorated with a new design theme. The theme of the festival decorations is based on Rajasthani colors, traditions, and festivals. Special decorations are done in the front lawn, Charbagh, Mughal tent, meeting and dialogue area from block print which will have floral motif-based designs. The creativity of art and design can be seen here. Special emphasis will be given on environmental protection at the festival.

On the occasion of the inauguration, CM Ashok Gehlot welcomed the participants and said, “This festival was started 12 years ago. Luckily during that time, I was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Even today he is the chief guest in its 13th edition. People wait impatiently for this mega event of literature. Litterateurs from the country and from across the world come to this internationally-acclaimed event. It is the pride of Rajasthan.

Discussions on literature and culture will inspire the new generation here. The greatest intertextual litterateurs of the country and abroad, wait for this opportunity where they will be able to openly speak their mind. There will be a total of 203 sessions at the festival. So far more than 500 eminent speakers and more than 30 lakh literary lovers have been attending the JLF. Literature lovers who have been reading their litterateurs to date. They can see and hear them here, added CM.

A lot of visitors are expected to attend this five-day event. For this, police will permit not more than 15000 visitors inside the venue. In order to protect the millions of visitors coming to the festival, face detection systems have been installed at the entrance gate of the festival. Safety Arrangements are placed at three levels at the festival venue. The first safety layer deployed 300 to 500 policemen and officers, both inside and outside the venue. The second safety layer will have private security. In the third layer, there will be army intelligence in which army intelligence, CID and other security agencies have been deployed.

Spot registration fees increased and Free online registrations for General Pass have been closed. The fee for on-the-spot registration for 23, 24 and 27 i.e. weekdays will be Rs 500 per person this time which was 300 rupees last year. While, on 25 and 26 weekends, the ticket rate has been increased from Rs 300 to Rs 800.

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