Golden hour app

New Golden hour app soon to launch to save lives of serious patients


Green corridor will be built for every ambulance for the life of a serious patient trapped in a traffic jam in the city. Golden Hour App of the Jaipur Commissionerate Traffic Police has got the government’s approval. This app will save lives and will be built at a cost of 42 lakhs.

Now soon after the tender process, this app will be released for all the ambulances. Patients will not be stuck in a jam. This green corridor will be provided based on the condition of the patient. Police and fire vehicles will also be able to take the help of this app during an emergency.

How the app is helpful for patients

  • The Golden Hour app will have a separate alert feature for serious patients.
  • On using the alert button, an alert message of a serious patient will be sent in an ambulance near the traffic control room.
  • The person using it has to provide information about which hospital to go through the app.
  • The control room will send a wireless message to the police personnel standing at the traffic point for the ambulance up to that hospital.
  • On an ambulance crossing the intersection, the message will reach the police personnel posted at the next intersection.
  • Before this, the route will be cleared for an ambulance.
  • On the alert for the general patient, the control room will show a straightforward and simple way.

For this, the ambulance driver and hospital administration will have to register once on the mobile app. After this, the location and movement of the ambulance coming from Jaipur or outside will be tracked on the screen in the traffic control room. The control room operator will get online the movement information of all the registered ambulances on the city map. This will help the control room to divert the traffic and suggest a way to the ambulance.

According to the sources at SMS Hospital, 250 to 300 people reach the hospital in the dead state every month. Ambulances have to hassle through many of the routes before reaching the SMS Hospital. There are many people in them, who are likely to be saved if they are rushed to the hospital on time.

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