MBBS students returned from Ukraine

New circular for MBBS students returned from Ukraine

The new circular will benefit only those students whose MBBS has been completed, those who left in between will not benefit.


The National Medical Commissioner (NMC) has issued a circular for the medical students who returned after leaving their medical studies midway due to war. According to the rules issued in this circular, Only students who have completed MBBS from Ukraine can continue further studies in India. Students who have left MBBS in the middle will not get any benefit. 

More than 17400 people have been airlifted from Ukraine to India. Most of them were studying MBBS in Ukraine. There are very few such students out of these who have completed their MBBS studies. For such students, the state governments have demanded some special arrangements from the central government so that they can continue their incomplete medical studies.

Keeping in mind the future of these students, NMC issued a circular on March 4, in which some rules have been implemented for the students coming from outside, but these rules will benefit only those students who have completed MBBS.

Students coming to India after studying MBBS allowed to do a one-year internship.

As per the order issued by NMC, only those students have been allowed to do internships who could not complete it in Ukraine. Children whose MBBS has been completed in Ukraine and could not do an internship or their internship remained incomplete will be allowed to do internships in India. However, such students will be required to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE). 

Rajasthan Medical Council registrar Dr. Manish Sharma said that at present there is a rule that students coming to India after studying MBBS from abroad are required to do a one-year internship.

Every year 20 thousand students go abroad to do MBBS

On average, 20 thousand students go to study medicine abroad every year in the country. But when they return to India after completing their studies, only 17 per cent of them are found eligible for providing treatment. Because these students fail in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) of the National Medical Commission (NMC). 

Hence, this Screening Test (FMGE) is necessary for the students who have done MBBS in India from abroad. If a student from any country except America, Australia, UK and Canada comes to India after doing MBBS, then it is necessary to pass the FMGE exam.

Chief Minister’s demand from central government to increase seats

Recently, Rajasthan Chief Minister had written a letter to the Central Government expressing the concern over the future of the students who returned from Ukraine. He said that most of the students coming from abroad after studying medicine are unable to pass the Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), which keeps them from practising. Given this, he has demanded to increase the number of medical colleges and increase the seats in the existing colleges. 

Similarly, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has also written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a new policy in this regard keeping in mind the future of the students coming from outside.

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