New Aadhaar registration at selected centers in Rajasthan

New Aadhaar registration will be done at selected centers in Rajasthan, Rights for new registration, change in name and date of birth removed


Now new registration or other major corrections will not be done at about 4 thousand Aadhaar centers operating in Rajasthan. The Department of Information Technology and Communication (DoIT) has started the work of switching from ECMP to UCL mode in the machines located at these centers in the state. With this, now people will have to go to one man center operated at the district and block level to get a new Aadhaar registration done or to make major changes in it.

According to DOIT officials, after this change, now Aadhaar operators will not be able to make any changes in the Aadhaar card. They will be able to change only the mobile number and address in the Aadhar card. However, apart from the block and district level Aadhaar centers running on ECMP software operated by DoIT, the facilities at the Aadhaar centers operated in the education department, post offices and banks will continue as before. 

Facility will be available only at 1700 centers 

According to the Deputy Director of Aadhaar Project in DoIT, Rakesh Verma,  “This change is being made after the central agency UIDAI gave instructions to bring more than 4 thousand Aadhaar machines in the state from ECMP software to UCL mode. However, apart from the Aadhaar centers at the block and district level operated by DoIT, the facilities for making new Aadhaar cards and making corrections will continue as before at about 1700 Aadhaar centers operated in the education department, post offices and banks.” 

People are getting worried 

As per the Aadhaar operators, “till now, people under 18 years of age had the right to make a new Aadhaar card, change photo, change name, date of birth at Aadhaar centers. Now these have been restricted. you can neither make a new Aadhaar card nor change anyone’s photo. The common people are getting troubled and are forced to make rounds of Aadhaar centers every day. The Aadhaar machine has been changed to UCL due to which common people are facing problems in making Aadhaar cards and Aadhaar corrections. Operators are facing a serious problem as well. 

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