motor vehicle act 2019

Motor Vehicle act 2019: the vehicle can be registered from any RTO in Rajasthan


The Rajasthan Transport Department issued an order to RTOs and DTOs to follow a provision provided by the motor vehicle act 2019. The provision states that the registration of driving license and vehicles can be done in any RTO in the state. There will be no need for temporary registration of vehicles.

According to the secretary and transport commissioner, “The provision of Motor vehicle act 2019 was already executed on September 1. However, many people are unaware of it so we issued an order to RTO and DTO to clarify this provision amongst the residents“.

As per the provision, no matter where an individual works or lives, they can apply for registration at any of the centers anywhere in the state.
Earlier, if any vehicle owner applies for registration, they used to get a temporary registration, which would convert into a permanent registration only when the applicant travels to their hometown to complete the procedure.

motor vehicle act 2019

Now, with this new provision in motor vehicle act 2019, there will be no requirements of temporary registration instead they can get permanent registration from anywhere in the state. However, the documents required and the procedure of registration will be the same as it used to be.

This provision will ease the process of applying for the license and vehicle registration for those who live on rent or work in other cities. They will not have to travel to their hometown anymore to get their permanent address.

However, with facilitating the residents, this act also demands the renewal of driving license within a year. If not done so, the individual has to go through the whole process of acquiring the driving license along with appearing for the competency test. Also, if any person below the legal age caught driving, their vehicle will be de-registered and fine will be charged.

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