black fungus

More than 450 black fungus cases found without any covid history

477 cases of back fungus are found in the past three months where the people had no history of affecting with Covid.


Of the recent cases of Black fungus received during and after the second wave, more than 450 did not have any history of Covid. These cases have been reported in the past three months.

Out of 3,471 mucormycosis cases, 477 are with no Covid history, which is 14% of the total black fungus cases reported. Doctors are surprised with the matter and say that such cases need a detailed study to find out the reason behind them.

According to the principal and controller of SMS medical college, Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, “Any condition which reduces immunity like HIV, immuno-compromised, cancer and uncontrolled diabetes, allows access to fungus pores inside the body to cause mucormycosis or Black Fungus. During Covid, the cases of black fungus rose noticeably.”

As per the doctors, the sudden surge in black fungus cases can be mainly because of the indiscriminate use of steroids in Covid treatment, which leads to uncontrolled diabetes and allows mucormycosis to occur. However, there are 477 cases found without any covid history and the reason needs to be found out. 

When discussed with the professor (ENT), SMS Hospital, he said “Before the pandemic, we normally witnessed 12-15 cases of black fungus, but the cases have increased. The reason may be that such patients might have got infected but they did not get their RT-PCR test done. They might have remained asymptomatic and recovered from Covid but got black fungus as their sugar level raised and brought down their immunity. Black fungus cases are usually seen in people with uncontrolled diabetes.”

Out of the 3,471 black fungus cases, 2,582 are undergoing treatment, while 563 have been cured. So far, 178 have died and the remaining have left the hospital without medical advice.

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