Jaipur-Delhi-Agra to be E-Highway

Three Highways, Four Flyovers to open on Jaipur-Ajmer Route


The National highway authority (NHAI) is about to open three new routes between Jaipur and Ajmer by the end of April, making the trip for motorists much easier. Plus, four new flyovers on the Ajmer Expressway (Jaipur-Kishangarh section) are on track to be ready by June this year.

These new highways will be a lifesaver for drivers on the crowded Jaipur-Kishangarh part of the Ajmer Expressway, also called National Highway 8.

NHAI’s project director, Ajay Arya shares the good news, “The construction of three flyovers at Bandarsindri, Mahla, and Sawarda crossings is nearing completion. We anticipate opening them by the end of this month.” They’re also making great progress on building five more flyovers! These are located at Bagru, Narsinghpura, Gadota, Mokahpura, and Padasoli. These are expected to be finished within the next two months.

Arya further added, “We’re working tirelessly to finish the Ajmer-bound flank of the Kamla Nehru Nagar crossing flyover. It’s likely that these five flyovers will be operational between late June and mid-July.” 

Once all nine flyovers are built and open, highway officials say it will be a much faster trip between Ajmer and Jaipur. They’re expecting the drive from the 200-Feet Bypass Crossing to Ajmer to take only two hours.

According to a NHAI official, “These projects were initiated two years ago, with construction commencing in January 2023. However, there were temporary halts in construction due to traffic congestion, delaying the completion.”

Looking forward, NHAI intends to begin construction of another flyover at Bhankrota crossing. “In the interim, we will begin constructing cloverleafs at Mahapura to facilitate traffic entry and exit onto the southern Ring Road from this expressway,” the official explained.

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