Share the stage with Sonu Sood at Apex University Jaipur!

Get a chance to share the stage with Sonu Sood, coming at Apex University Jaipur on 20th May, by showcasing your talents.


Sonu Sood to come at the first convocation ceremony of Apex University Jaipur on 20th May. On this occasion students of Jaipur are offered a chance to share the stage with him. 

For this, students can showcase their skills in categories such as Dancing, Singing, Rap Music, Stand-up Comedy and Sketching. The winner will get a chance to share the stage with Sonu Sood.

Participate in any of the following categories: Dance/Singing/Rap/Stand-up Comedy and Sketch (Sonu Sood only) and winners get a chance to share the stage with Sonu Sood and get exciting prizes.


Anyone can attend the event with Age 16-21 Years

Students must have a School/College ID or Aadhaar Card.


1) To participate in any of the contests (Dance/Singing/Rap/ Stand Up Comedy/Sketch), the participant must create a 30- second video for the selected category or a sketch (only Sonu Sood sketch is allowed) in A3 size only.

2) The participant must fill out the form where he/she has to attach their 30-sec video latest by 15th May. Form link- 

3) Participants also must post their video or sketch on their social media platform, do not forget to tag APEX UNIVERSITY.

INSTA – @apex_university

Facebook @ApexUniversity.Jaipur

4) Participants must share the screenshot of their video which includes (likes, views and shares) & Aadhar card through email at [email protected] by 18th May 2023 by 11:59 pm. 

5) The shortlisted participants with a maximum number of likes, views, & shares of their posts on the FB/INSTA page will be awarded the People’s Choice Award. 

6) Top 3 candidates from each category will get a chance to meet and share the stage with Sonu Sood & get exciting prizes.

Sonu Sood is coming to Apex Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sitapura Campus Jaipur 

Date: 20th May 2023 

Time: 5 pm

Contact: 74138 74138

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