5G in Rajasthan

5G launched in Rajasthan; Know everything about it

5G Service started in 3 cities of Rajasthan; know whether 5G will run on your mobile? What are the benefits? Will it be expensive? Read on!


Jio has launched 5G service in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Recently, Airtel has also tried its 5G service in some areas of Jaipur and will soon be starting in other cities of the state. Although the company has not made an official announcement. After the launch of Jio’s 5G service, the biggest question in people’s mind is, “Does my mobile handset support 5G? How to check the 5G feature?”

How to check 5G when buying a new mobile?

Take a good look at the mobile box. All the features will be seen written on the mobile box. If you see 5G written among the features, then understand that the smartphone supports 5G. If it is 4G only then nothing is going to happen even by putting 5G SIM on it. While buying mobile online one has to go to mobile features or highlights. By checking on this, it will be known whether the phone has 5G support or not.

How to check on an existing mobile?

Be it Android or iPhone, you can check in 5 seconds whether the phone has 5G support or not

  • Go to the settings and touch on mobile data, after that you will see a mobile data option. 
  • Mobile 3G/4G/5G will appear as soon as you touch it. 
  • If there is a 5G option, then your iPhone supports 5G. 
  • These options will also be visible when you go to SIM Settings / Mobile Networks.

SIM will not have to be changed

Jio company has freed its consumers from the hassle of changing the SIM for 5G service. The company says that the 4G SIM which is currently in the mobile phone, the same SIM will be auto-upgraded and converted to 5G service. Just the phone should be of 5G support.

Now if you have a handset that supports 5G, if you are not getting a 5G network in your phone, then do not worry. The company will send a latest update on smartphones that support 5G. After updating, users can take advantage of 5G. Jio will send an invitation on your smartphone, by touching which you will be able to take advantage of the Jio True 5G service.

Will you have to pay more for 5G internet?

Experts say that all the companies want to bring the data plan at the rate of 4G only. That means you will not have to spend a lot of money. But if the speed of the internet is high, then the data will also end soon. After the data fixed in the plan is over, the internet speed will decrease.

Why the need for 5G over 4G?

1. It takes 7 minutes to download a movie from 4G internet. Through 5G, it will be downloaded in 30 seconds.

2. File transfer will take less time on mobile, laptop and desktop. If transfering a heavy file in 4G takes 5 minutes then in 5G the file will be transferred in just 30 seconds.

3. 5G will resolve screen pausing which usually occurs during video conferencing or playing online games in the 4G network. 

4. Watching online videos on mobile or smart TV through YouTube will be smoother. There will be no buffering issue.

5. Through 5G, we will be able to exchange data in a very short time. You just have to take a subscription from any operator. 5G will provide relief from the cost of buying big and expensive data computing devices or technical experts to go to the field.

6. Be it a phone or a laptop, cloud storage to keep the important data safe is very much useful nowadays. But the process of saving data on the cloud is so slow that people do not use it. After the arrival of 5G, you will be able to store data in the cloud in a short time.

3D movies with 5G and Jio Glass

5G and Jio Glass service will give you the experience of watching 3D movies on your smartphone. However, Jio has not yet disclosed the rate of Jio Glass. With 5G, consumers will get speeds of up to 1000 MBPS. It will be possible to download a 3D movie of 50GB from 5G in a minute. 

What is Jio Glass?

For the first time in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Group, in 2022, Jio Glass weighing 75 grams was presented to everyone. This is the first smart glass of the company.

Jio Glass is a 3D avatar. This makes the holographic content and normal video conferencing experience more interactive. By wearing this, the screen of your smartphone will give you the experience of watching a 3D movie. Also, will improve interactions in the virtual world. In this you will also get options like personalized audio and 3D hologram.

Jio Glass’s applications can be used across industries and sectors such as e-learning, media and entertainment, gaming and shopping. This device can also be connected to a smartphone.

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