Monsoon to arrive in July’s the first week in Rajasthan, pre-monsoon active

Monsoon to arrive in the first week of July, heavy rains expected, yellow alert in 8 districts including Jaipur, pre-monsoon active in Rajasthan.


The long-awaited monsoon season is set to reach Rajasthan in the first week of July. After the effect of the Biporjoy cyclone is over, pre-monsoon has become active in the state. Heavy rainfall is expected. Yellow alerts has been issued in Keta, Karaili, Jhunjhunu, Jaipur, Daisa, Baran, Bharatpur, Alwar.

According to the experts at Meteorological Department in Jaipur, a yellow alert has been issued for the eastern districts, foreseeing heavy rains in several locations in the state. The pre-monsoon showers will amp up starting June 24, carrying notable rainfall to the area.

In seven cities, the temperature was recorded more than 40°C. Weather experts estimate that monsoon entry is expected in Rajasthan in the first week of July. In these areas, winds will blow at a speed of 30-40 kmph and there is a possibility of rain.

In some of the districts pre-monsoon rains have already started, bringing relief from soaring temperatures. Some regions including Bharatpur, Kota, and Jaipur, experienced light rainfall as well. With monsoon at its pace, these areas are probably to receive more irregular showers over the next few days.

While the pre-monsoon rains offer respite from the scorching heat, they have led to rising humidity levels in several districts. Meanwhile, regions such as Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Churu, and Bikaner continue to survive severe heat, with maximum temperatures surpassing 40 degrees Celsius combined with high humidity.

Monsoon has slowed down this year due to the Biporjoy cyclone and was at temporary halt. It will resume its process and will make a late entry of about 10-12 days in the state providing relief from the intense heat and refilling the region’s water resources. At present, the monsoon has covered all the states of Northeast India, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal and parts of South India, including Maharashtra and Goa.

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