jaipur power cut today

Jaipur power cut today – 25 June 2023

Power Cut In Jaipur Today

From 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

G-584 to G-595 of Phase-1, Glass Art House, Aroma Polymers, G-596 to J-611, H-651 to G-661, DD Pharma Company, G-535 G-548, SBL, G- 571 to G-580, G-794 to G-825, G-678 to E-702, Om Bhog Atta Unit, H-615 to G-650, F-668 to F-672, Hari Om Dharma Kanta and surrounding the areas.

H-1169 to G1-1286, Salona Bichona, MGH, ISI-1 to ISI-20 and surrounding areas of Phase-III. G-827 to G-933, Garima Guar Gum, H-934 to H-1000, Juneja Wires, G-1001 to H-1028 and surrounding areas of Phase-3.

G1-14 to G1-85 and surrounding areas of Appariel.

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