Lioness 'Srishti'

Lioness ‘Srishti’ goes missing from Nahargarh biological safari

The lioness Shrishti brought from Gujarat last year in an animal exchange program goes missing from Nahargarh Safari in Jaipur, the search is on.


A lioness popularly known as Srishti of Nahargarh Biological Park has been missing and has not been spotted in the past 24 hours. The forest department officials have launched a search for her in the lion safari area.

Srishti has not been spotted for 24 hours

The lioness Srishti and the lion, Tripura, are spotted by tourists in the lion safari area spread over 28 hectares in Nahargarh Biological Park. Since Sunday evening, Tripura was spotted alone and there is no trace of the lioness. She hasn’t returned to her courtyard for food for the last 24 hours.

After this, the teams of the Forest Department intensified the search and are engaged in finding Srishti. The help of experts is also being taken for the search.

According to a forest department official, “We have been searching for 24 hours in the park. There is tall grass in the area due to the monsoon and the lioness might be hiding in it, said.

Panic in people of areas nearby

As soon as the information about the disappearance of the lioness spread, there was an atmosphere of fear in many areas adjoining the city. As there are many residential colonies in the close vicinity, the officials want to trace the lioness at the earliest possible.

Nahargarh Biological Park attracts 3000 visitors every weekend

One-and-a-half-year-old Srishti was brought from Junagadh in Gujarat to Jaipur under the Animal Exchange Program at Nahargarh Biological Park in Jaipur. Since then Srishti has become the pride of Nahargarh Biological Park attracting scores of tourists. Srishti is quite popular among tourists and was the only lioness of Biological Park which was kept in lion safari by pairing with lion Tripura. A large number of people come to see the three lions and lionesses present here. 

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