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JDA to relieve Jaipur from bumpy roads, repair work on

The Jaipur development authority initiates to improve the major damaged roads of Jaipur, 26 roads of width 60-feet or above will get repaired in the city.


The news of JDA repairing damaged roads of Jaipur came as a big relief to Jaipurites tired of commuting on bumpy roads. The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has planned to repair all the major 60-feet roads in the city. Authorities have already started the restoration work of several roads.

The city residents were struggling for a smooth commute due to potholes on city roads. This move by JDA will provide relief to city residents from the troubled rides. 

Repair work will be finished in two phases

The JDA has specified the project work for 26 roads will be conducted in a two-phase manner. Phase-I will carry the reparation work of MI Road and C-Scheme selected among all the areas. The civic body intends to finish off the restoration work of all the roads before the arrival of the monsoon season.

As per the JDA official, the municipal corporation was already functioning on restoring and maintaining roads in the outer area of Jaipur. It has now proceeded to the inside of the city after getting advice from the state government. Restoration work in the Walled City area will be administered by the Heritage Corporation while Jaipur Municipal Corporation will be handling the responsibility of repairing roads having a width of 60 feet and above.

A straightforward protocol for city development

The JDA official also notified, that there is constant coordination between the JDA, the corporation and the PWD to ensure transparency at work. At present, an amount worth ₹12 crores has been issued for this project. Reportedly, expenses for the restoration of roads will be assigned as per the requirement.

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