JCTSL to close 100 low floor buses in Jaipur

JCTSL to close 100 low floor buses in Jaipur from April 1

The 100 low floor buses running on 8 routes of Jaipur, scheduled to go off the roads from March 31, 60 thousand people will be affected.


100 junk low-floor buses will not run on 8 highest earning routes from April 1. More than 50000 people will face a tough time as Jaipur City Transport Services Limited (JCTSL) has officially decided to shut off junk low floor buses till they procure new ones.

On the one hand, the population of the capital increased from 40 to 55 lakhs, on the other hand, the number of low floor public transport buses have been reduced in the last four years. Now on April 1, there will be a further reduction of 100 buses. After running for 10 years, 100 buses included in JCTSL are getting condemned on 31st March.

Arbitrary fare will be charged in private buses

After the closure of the buses, the private bus operators will have a monopoly on these routes. They will charge rent from people and students as per their wish. Students and people traveling in low floor buses every day will face a lot of trouble.

In the lower floor buses, after showing the school-college ID, there is a discount of 50%. Whereas women and senior citizens get a 30% discount, while specially-abled people and people above 80 years travel free. Due to the closure of buses, a crisis will arise in front of them.

100 electric buses stuck for approval from the finance department

The file for taking 100 electric buses to be included in the fleet of JCTSL is waiting for the approval of the Finance Department for three months. In the board meeting of JCTSL held 5 months ago, a proposal was passed to buy 1000 buses in a year. Out of this, 100 electric buses were to be purchased by March. The JCTSL management had sent the files three months back for approval of the FD.

According to the JCTSL CMD Ajitabh Sharma, “Due to paucity of buses, some routes will be closed. By removing buses from many routes, they will operate on the routes of closed buses. The proposal for electric buses has been sent to the Finance Department, but the approval has not yet come. We will work in as many buses as there are.

Connectivity will end with nearby towns

Connectivity will be completely lost for Bagru, Chaksu, Bassi, Kukus, Goner and Patrakar Colony. If a passenger comes from these towns by private vehicle, then he will have to pay more than Rs 500. There is already a shortage of auto rickshaws, magic and other private buses on these routes.

City buses are an important mode of public transport. It is affordable for working class residents and for people coming to the city from suburbs and other districts.

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