Student Neha of the MSc Final Year of Poddar International College

Jaipur’s Neha will present her research of making artificial body parts in Germany


Young scientist Neha Sharma of Jaipur will present her research in Germany and will acknowledge about the researches there. Currently, she is working on such a material which will make it easy to make an artificial body part.

Student Neha of the MSc Final Year of Poddar International College, Mansarovar has been awarded the German Research Fellowship.

According to the reports, she has experimented her research and the results have come good as well. She will be among the 580 young scientists from 88 countries in Germany next month and will be representing India. She is among the choicest of young scientists who have been selected from India.

On June 29, the Young Scientist event will be held in Germany where 69th Lindo Nobel Laureate will arrive in the meeting and discuss the development with the future of research.

She applied in the Department of Science and Technology, after which she was selected on the basis of research. She was asked questions related to research to which she responded by email. The selection was done after several rounds.

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