Mannat Siwach

Jaipur’s Mannat Siwach became Miss Teen India


Mannat Siwach of Jaipur bags the title of Miss Teen International India 2021 at the modelling show event of Miss Teen Diva 2021 held in December at the kingdom of a dream, Gurugram.

She is a mere 16-year-old school student currently studying in Jaipur’s renowned School Jayshree Periwal High School in class 11th. With her hard work, self-discipline, and enormous beauty she represented India at the world’s biggest teen pageant Miss Teen International in 2022.

Smart and intelligent since childhood

She belongs to a family of army background, so the qualities of self-discipline and diligence are inherited in her. Mannat has very good records in studies and she also is very active in co-curricular activities. She won many inter-school competitions. She started an Instagram page named Junoon where people get a chance to represent their talents. 

Started Miss Teen International training 6 years ago

Mannat’s journey to becoming Miss Teen International India started 6 years ago. Talking about the journey of becoming a diva from a normal girl, she shares, “I used to read newspapers to increase general knowledge. To become a diva I did many courses related to modelling, worked hard on my habits, taking care of diet and nutrition, body posture, selection of clothes, and facial expression. I practised a catwalk and worked on my facial expressions standing in front of the mirror for hours, trying to speak in different expressions to end the hesitation.”

Mannat said that to become a diva, you have to know how to do makeup. She did not know how to do makeup, but did the course and learned makeup. She used to exercise for 2 hours to keep herself fit for the beauty contest. Used to play badminton every day. She worked hard day and night to reach this extent.

Her parents and brother supported her at every step

Mannat’s father, who has been an ex-army officer, thought that his daughter would grow up to be an athlete. When Mannat shared her dream of becoming a model, she motivated her. Also, he stayed with her during this entire event. At a young age, she participated in many fashion and dance competitions. In the second class, Mannat also participated in the fashion competition organized by the Army. 

Mannat’s younger brother helped her handle social media. He arranged a special photographer for her. Be it to shoot her Instagram reels or helping her do the video practice or reviewing her photos, his brother helped her a lot.

Her dream is to win the Miss India title

Mannat’s dream is to win the Miss India title. For this, she will participate in more beauty contests. She also wants to open her own clothing brand in the future. For which she is already shortlisting the fashion courses. 

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