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Jaipur residents to be warned for damaging waste collection RFID cards

The 10000 Residents of Jaipur will get Notices from Jaipur Municipal Corporation-Greater For Damaging waste collection RFID Cards.


The Jaipur Municipal Corporation-Greater (JMC-G) will send warnings to 10,000 residents in Malviya Nagar and Murlipura for damaging radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags installed on their homes to improve waste collection in the city.

Residents pay a user charge after the municipal corporation’s waste collectors scan their RFID tags. In recent weeks, JMC-G officials noticed that they were not receiving updates about RFID tags being scanned, and they discovered that the tags had been damaged.

According to the mayor of JMC-G, Somya Gurjar, “I have instructed the commissioner to send notices to all the houses from where RFID tags are missing. Meanwhile, new RFID tags will be installed and if those are damaged, then we will register FIRS as it would be a case of damaging public property.”

Residential users pay between Rs 20 and Rs 150 per month for waste collection, while commercial establishments pay between Rs 250 and Rs 5,000. As of September, JMC-G collected over Rs 40 lakh per month in user charges from two lakh residential users.

The city government has also developed an online system to collect user fees, which does not accept cash. The entire process is app-based, with real-time waste collection monitoring. As a result, the number of daily waste collection complaints in these two zones has decreased from over 100 to just two or three. However, with the tags not being scanned, there is now a different issue.

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