320 doses of Covaxin vaccine stolen from government hospital in Jaipur


32 vials of Covaxin, containing 320 doses of Covid-19 vaccine doses were stolen from a hospital in Jaipur on Tuesday while they were being transported. 

The incident reportedly took place at Kanwatia Hospital in the Shastri Nagar area of Jaipur. FIR has been lodged on Wednesday. 

Amid a shortage of vaccines and a surge in the coronavirus cases, more than 300 doses of Bharat Biotech’s anti-Covid vaccine, Covaxin went missing from the Kanwatia government hospital in Shastri Nagar in Jaipur. This happened when the vaccines were being transferred from cold storage to the vaccine centers. 

There were two boxes of vaccines stored in an ice lined refrigerator. The incident came into notice when the staff taking care of the vaccine suspected some of the doses missing.

The Kanwatia Hospital administration filed an FIR after the staff failed to locate 320 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine kept at the hospital. The hospital authorities informed the Jaipur chief medical and health officer and lodged a criminal case against the theft. 

Dr Narottam Sharma, Jaipur CMHO said, “I was informed last night that the doses have been stolen. It is surprising. A police case has been registered in this regard.”

“The vaccines were stolen supposedly on Monday while the hospital superintendent reported the case on Wednesday. A departmental investigation too has been ordered into the theft,” he added.

The hospital superintendent Dr. L. Harshvardhan says that the case of vaccine theft is very strange, even when the vaccine is being offered free of cost in the entire country. This work may have been done to bring down the reputation of the hospital. We have sent a report of the theft case and sent it to the Principal of the SMS Medical Committee.

Police have still not found any clue in the case of 320 Corona vaccine doses stolen from Kanwatia Hospital in Jaipur. Due to the malfunctioning CCTV cameras installed near the store, it has become difficult for the police to investigate. An FIR was registered against unidentified persons under IPC sections and the matter is being investigated. 

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