Jaipur Royals claims the Taj Mahal land as their belonging


In between all the claims on the Taj Mahal, the Jaipur Royal Family has claimed that the Taj Mahal is their property. Diya Kumari, a member of the erstwhile Royal Family claimed that we had a palace at that place and we have documents.

Her statement comes in the support of a petition filed in the Allahabad high court that sought directives to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to open 20 rooms inside the Taj Mahal to survey for the possible existence of Hindu idols.

The petition filed regarding the Taj Mahal

A petition has been filed in the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court in UP regarding the Taj Mahal. The petition has been filed by Ayodhya BJP leader Dr. Rajneesh Singh in a demand for a survey from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) by opening the 22 rooms of the Taj Mahal, which have been closed for a long time. The petitioner mentions that the Taj Mahal may enclose sculptures and inscriptions of Hindu gods and goddesses. A proper investigation should be carried out to know whether there are Hindu idols and inscriptions hidden in the closed rooms of the Taj Mahal.

According to Diya Kumari, a member of the royal family and BJP MP, “We have documents that the land belonged to the Jaipur family and Shah Jahan acquired it. It is a good thing that if someone has appealed to open the doors of the Taj Mahal, the truth will come out.”

Diya Kumari has claimed that she has documents that show that earlier the Taj Mahal used to be the palace of the old royal family of Jaipur, was captured by Shah Jahan. When Shah Jahan took that palace and land of the Jaipur family, the family could not oppose him, because at that time there was no judiciary.

She further added that even today, if a government acquires any land, it gives compensation in return for it. I have learned that he was paid back in return, but at that time there was no law to appeal against him. Now, this petition comes as a good step towards finding the truth.

Closed rooms should be opened

Taj Mahal has around 20 rooms which are locked and no one is allowed to enter. It is speculated that in these rooms, there are idols of Hindu gods and scriptures.

Diya Kumari said, ‘I will not say that the Taj Mahal should be demolished, but some of the rooms of Taj Mahal which are sealed for a long time and should be opened. It must be inquired and opened to know what was there behind the closed doors. All those facts will only be established once there is a proper inquiry.’

On being asked whether they will also file a petition in the court on behalf of the former royal family of Jaipur, she said that she has supported the plea filed in the Allahabad high court aiming at a fact-finding investigation into the history of the Taj Mahal.

Documents are present in the pothi-khana of the trust

MP Diya Kumari said, “I am not saying that the land is ours. I am unaware of the circumstances then. But if the court asks us to provide any documents, then we will provide them from Pothikhana. Pothikhana is the record room of the palace under the trust of the former royal family of Jaipur. It is evident in the documents that we have that Shah Jahan liked the palace at that time and acquired it.”

Shah Jahan had asked the Maharaja of Jaipur to forcibly sell the land.

In 2017, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy also made a similar statement which said, “We have reached the documents of the Taj Mahal. There is information that Shah Jahan forcibly asked the Raja-Maharajas of Jaipur to sell the land where the Taj Mahal was built. As compensation, Shah Jahan had given them 40 villages, which was nothing compared to the cost of the land of the Taj Mahal.”

Earlier Controversies of the Taj Mahal

In 1965, PN Oak, a historian, claimed in his book that the Taj Mahal was earlier a Shiva temple.

In 2015, a petition was filed in the Civil Court of Agra that the Taj Mahal must be declared a Tejo-Mahalaya temple.

In 2017, BJP MP Vinay Katiyar requested UP CM Yogi Adityanath that the Taj Mahal should be declared as Tejo-Mahal.

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