Jaipur photoshoot locations

10 best Jaipur photoshoot locations worth every click

Hey, Instagram junkies out there! This post is a dive into the best Jaipur photoshoot locations to up your insta game.

Places To Visit

Jaipur is the ubiquitous choice of a historical destination for Indian and foreign tourists alike. If you have been planning a trip to Jaipur with friends, you probably need great vibes, some stunning pictures to relive the memories and picturesque, photo-worthy corners of the city to adorn your social media feed. Jaipur has plenty of these in every nook and corner. Well, we have got this covered, as we bring you some of the most stunning places that are the best Jaipur photoshoot locations to visit on your next vacation in the city. In fact, any spot in Jaipur, when captured on camera, can make quite a statement. 

Perfect photo-worthy spots of Jaipur

Without any further ado, let’s hop on to a virtual ride to some of the best Jaipur photoshoot locations that are insta-worthy. Don’t forget to read the tips we’ve included with each place.

Bar Palladio

Bar Palladio is not really a tourist destination. It is the ecstatic bar cum lounge in Jaipur, head to toe painted in blue. Its peacock-blue fusion interior and breathtaking alfresco lounge area in the garden makes this exquisite bar such a photo-worthy place. You can chill out here with a varied cocktail menu including boozy and non-alcoholic beverages, along with some great traditional and western food choices. Though its at a little expensive side but it’s fairly reasonable as you’re paying for the spectacular setting. Palladio being one of the best Jaipur photoshoot locations offer photography freaks some of the most admirable and royally classic Instagram posts.

  • There is no entry fee but since it’s a bar cum lounge. Buying a drink or some food will be all you will need for an entry.
  • No cameras are allowed to take photos, phones only. 
  • For lighting, come early in the evening before it gets dark.

Patrika gate

Patrika Gate, the decadent gateway at Jawahar Circle is probably one of the best photoshoot places in Jaipur. There’s not really anything else to see or do at Patrika Gate, but the series of colorful archways with polychromatic patterns and vibrant surroundings make this place worth visiting. You will nowhere find colourful details of Patrika Gate even in Jaipur. A visit to this garden will make you wonder how an entrance gate could be all things pretty. The gate to this park is beautiful from every angle and the intricate handiwork on the gate is just marvellous. Beyond this, there is a lovely relaxing park here too with a musical fountain. 

  • Unlike some of the popular tourist destinations in Jaipur which don’t let you use a tripod, you’re free to set one up at Patrika Gate. 
  • Though it’s open throughout the day, get here early in the morning or you’ll be struggling for space to capture shots. Avoid weekends and holidays too. 
  • You may miss this place if you don’t explore well as you won’t immediately see this place, but it’s inside the pink building. 

Amer fort

jaipur photoshoot places-amer fort

High in the hills of the town of Amer, Amer Fort needs no introduction as it is the most popular tourist attraction in Jaipur. Keep your shutterbugs ready as Amer Fort is HUGE with many courtyards, staterooms, gardens, viewpoints, mirror walls, and the famous photo-worthy entrance ways like Ganesh Pol.

Beautiful frescoes and paintings on the arch of this gate definitely make for a great backdrop. The fort overlooks the Maota lake that adds to another photogenic spot in the list.

The whole Jaipur city looks awe-inspiring and fascinating from high up top.

  • The best way of getting photos at the Amber Fort is to hire a guide. Not only will they fill you in on the history, but they’ll also happily help you find the best insta worthy spots
  • To get pictures at Ganesh Pol the best time to do so is either at 8 AM or between 2-3 PM when it’s less crowded.
  • Get here for opening or as early as possible, be the first in, this place seriously packs out!Or, be here for the last hours of the day.
  • DON’T support the elephant riding here, it’s barbaric and the animals are mistreated. 

Panna Meena ka Kund

photoshoot places in jaipur-panna meena ka kund

This place has taken photography levels in Jaipur to crazy time and again. Among the favorites of photography lovers, and forever trending in hashtags; Panna Meena Ka Kund is seriously photo-worthy with gorgeous symmetrical stairways. The place adds to an extraordinary excitement with a mystery that nobody can use the same staircase to get down and come upstairs again.

It is known to look the most mesmerizing during the monsoon season making it among the best Jaipur photoshoot places. 

  • It is a hidden treasure down the hill from Amber Fort. Thousands of tourists visit the fort each day but not everyone visits here. 
  • After your visit to the Amber Fort, take the back exit and follow the road down to the Step Well. It’s just a ten minute walk. 
  • You might have seen a lot of snaps on Instagram, but you’re not allowed to walk on the steps. Try clicking on the upside, at least no one can spoil your photos.

Jal Mahal

jal mahal photoshoot
source : travelwithcg.com

A stop by at Jal Mahal to admire the beauty and a quick photo opportunity is a must. Sits in the middle of Man Sagar Lake, Jal Mahal is the ultimate place to beautify your Instagram feed. It is also the most preferred pre-wedding shoot destination in Jaipur. From silhouette pictures to selfies, this place always looks absolutely breathtaking.

Jal Mahal, otherwise known as the Water Palace is surrounded with beautifully carved cenotaphs and chhatris which add to the glory of this fascinating place.

  • Any time of the day is good to visit as the palace is on water. 
  • The lighting is nicer at sunset to capture the palace. 
  • Try a different angle to capture this beautiful palace as a backdrop view from the hills. 

Hawa Mahal

hawa mahal photoshoot
hawa mahal photoshoot

The city’s most iconic structure, Hawa Mahal is one of the most Instagrammable places in Jaipur! The Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds derives its name from the many windows known as “Jharokaas” on its façade through which the wind keeps flowing. Both the view and design of the colorful rose-painted palace are spell-binding.

This palace is photo-worthy from the outside as well as from within making it one of the best Jaipur photoshoot locations.

  • It requires no entry fee and is accessible throughout the day. 
  • Cross the street for a different perspective, Hawa Mahal is really difficult to shoot from the bottom.
  • The best views can be found opposite the palace from The Tattoo Cafe as well as The Winds cafe. They serve some yummy chai in their café for a really good view.
  • Always enter the shopping complex and cafés of your own accord (there are signs). Many people will drag you inside their shops. Know that a lot of these shops are tourist traps with overpriced goods. 
  • The inside of Hawa Mahal is also really pretty and comes included in your museum ticket.

City palace 

city palace jaipur photoshoot
city palace jaipur photoshoot

You could probably ditch everything else in Jaipur, but City Palace is a must visit to get some impressive Instagram shots! The architecture of this pink palace is mesmerizing and colorful inside and out! Pritam Niwas in Jaipur City Palace is definitely the most iconic Instagram spot in Jaipur. The four gates of Pritam Niwas Chowk are the favorite backdrop for the selfie posers. The most popular of them is the Lotus Gate and Peacock gate. The others are the Peacock Gate, Rose Gate and Leheriya (Wave) Gate.

Get your pictures clicked with a backdrop of each gate and pick the best for your Instagram post. 

  • Getting this place empty can be a big struggle as it is really popular among Instagrammers. Getting here early is a good idea but then other times there may be weddings or photoshoots going on making you queuing for your photos. 
  • Tripods aren’t allowed at the City Palace so get along with a friend to get the much-awaited Instagram shot. 
  • It’s worth paying extra for a premium ticket as it lets you access some incredibly photo worthy rooms in City Palace which are not accessible with a routine ticket. 

Albert hall


Albert hall is another hit photographed sights of Jaipur. There really isn’t much worth photographing inside but the outside of this museum is the real photo spot with a flock of pigeons flying around and due to its Indo-Saracenic architecture. Throughout the entire day, this spot is thronged by people clicking themselves in front of the museum.

The real magic of Albert Hall Museum sparks after sunset during the amazing light show spectacle. It is not only popular among lens lovers as a photography spot but also for occasional concerts and events held here.

  • Get here early, this place at sunset is BUSY as it’s in a park. 
  • You can feed the birds here, but there are hundreds.. so watch out!

Nahargarh Fort 


A place most ardent and avid, Nahargarh fort is not just full of life, but also an ideal spot to witness a magical sunset. If you are here during the day, take a stroll through the courtyards of Nahargarh Fort and get amazed by its simplicity.

The most popular spot at Nahargarh Fort is either inside the Madhvendra Palace or near Padao bar. It is immensely popular among people for its beautiful view that overlooks the Pink City from the top. 

  • Nahargarh Fort is a popular attraction so finding space for yourself might be difficult, especially during the weekends or public holidays. 
  • Don’t climb on the walls to get the click, rather stand on the platforms that are much safer and provide the same awesome view!
  • Go for sunrise to get the best lighting and to avoid the heat. 

Cafe Palladio

If you’re looking for a pretty café in Jaipur, then look no other than Café Palladio. A stunning pink café with Indian and Italian influence combined is among the best Jaipur photoshoot locations. Not only it is pleasing to the eye, but you’ll also have a great menu of Western dishes from Italy and Greece. Moreover, the coffee and yummy treats like Baklava here are simply unmissable! 

  • You must buy food or drink to take photos inside
  • You cannot take photos with your camera, only phones
  • Come early during a weekday, not on weekends

In conclusion, this list of 10 Jaipur photoshoot locations will tempt you to travel to Pink City and get you those stunning photographs you always dreamt of. So, get your camera gear or photographer ready and head to any of these dreamy/popular places that are the best photo-worthy spots in Jaipur.

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