Jaipur International Airport

Jaipur International Airport: Five times bigger, Terminal-3 will be built

Preparations are on to build Terminal-3 at Jaipur International Airport; it will be five times bigger, Land will be taken for an elevated road and pathway.


Keeping in view the future passenger load, there are preparations to build Terminal-3 at Jaipur International Airport. The target to complete the construction work has been set in January 2027. The new terminal will have the capacity to cater to 1.20 crore passengers annually.

In view of the expansion of the airport, Adani Group is going to construct a new building at the airport, under which a new integrated terminal will be built here, which will be in an area of ​​about 1.5 lakh square meters. 

At present both the terminal buildings are becoming small. The number of passengers from the airport can reach around 55 lakh in the current financial year. The existing Terminal 2 building can only bear a maximum capacity of 50 lakh passengers.

Flight operations from Terminal-1 after elections On the other hand, Terminal-1 is ready, but it has not been started yet. A senior airport official said that there is a plan to start it after the Lok Sabha elections, after which international flights are likely to be operated from Terminal-1. Only 10 lakh passengers can be carried annually from Terminal-1. In view of this, it is very important to build the Terminal-3 building.

Terminal-3 will be built towards the State Hangar

Chief Airport Officer Vishnu Mohan Jha said that Terminal-3 will be built ahead of Terminal-2 towards the State Hangar. The construction work of the building was to start from June last year, but the construction work has not started yet. The airport administration has sought permission from the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) for the construction of a new terminal building and increasing the tariff.

Separate pathway will be built on the ground floor

An elevated road will be built for the departure of passengers in Terminal-3, whose height will be 30 feet and passengers will be able to go directly to the first floor for departure. A separate pathway will be made on the ground floor for the arrival of passengers. The Jaipur Airport Administration has also asked JDA to acquire land for about 25 thousand square meters of land outside the airport boundary wall for elevated road and pathway.

Terminal-3 will be five times bigger than Terminal-2

At present the Terminal-2 building is built on an area of ​​29246 square meters. Terminal-1 building on the Sanganer side has an area of ​​11529 square meters. Terminal-3 will be five times bigger than Terminal-2. 

The airport administration estimates that around Rs 2476 crore will be spent. 312 crores will be spent on building elevated departure and arrival roads. Around Rs 279 crore will also be spent on the upgradation of Terminal-2. To increase the parking capacity of the planes, about Rs 34 crore will be spent in the apron.

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