Jaipur heritage walk

Jaipur heritage walk to uncover the real Jaipur

Jaipur Palaces

Jaipur, the very name conjures up images of valor, history, nostalgia, and pride. Leaving aside Raja Mansingh’s city or the manifestation of Rajputi Glory, the city has much more than forts, palaces, and monuments, etc. The concept of Heritage walk has been newly introduced in the pink city with an aim to bring forth the rich culture and its significance. Heritage walk tours are organized to let you rediscover the hidden treasures of this long forgotten town. Jaipur has quite a few heritage walks covering the historic sides of town. It is a great way to see the nineteenth-century streetscape and historical buildings of the walled city area walking in the bylanes of this city. Along with the beauty of its landscape, it will let you have silent talks ensuing between you and the monuments. The royal structures and their austere beauty appeal no less than resplendent marvels. Out of many walking tours you can choose of your kind to experience Jaipur beyond its charm. Indulge in one of the heritages walks in Jaipur to know the details and the stories revolving around.

Amber Heritage walk

Amber Heritage walk

Amber fort is a prime tourist destination of Jaipur. Far away from the charm and attraction of this fort, there lies a silent town of Amber hidden from all the chaos of the city and crowds of tourists. Rarely visited this ancient town houses a number of historic temples, havelis, and structures. Heritage walk tour at Amer is a perfect way to enrich its rich heritage and enjoy the natural beauty of the Aravali mountain range. For all history buffs, this heritage walk will come as a treat to your enthusiasm. While for those who are a little adventurous freak a walk with trekking is also organized. Amidst the beautiful scenery and fresh air and surrounding Aravali hills, one can explore to the fullest. From visiting a magnificent fort and small shrines to meeting the local people of Meena community. You will get to learn a lot about Jaipur.

Pink city heritage walk

Pink city heritage walk tour lets you discover the spirit of Jaipur by visiting forts, palaces, historical monuments, lively temples and diverse culture of the people living in the city. The heritage tours are customized according to your preferences. Admire the great architecture of the traditional temples, monuments, has, and building by walking leisurely into the streets of the old city. Listening to stories about the artistic genesis of Jaipur and witnessing Hindu prayer ceremonies will leave you mesmerized about the entire heritage of this royal city. This heritage walk will take you to the city palace, Jantar Mantar, and famous temples. The beauty of Jaipur not only lies in these monuments and forts but also in the narrow lanes between them. You will be roaming around the houses of noblemen, jewelers, and queen’s entourage while tasting the street delicacies. It gives you a rare glance to the traditions that are still preserved and alive in the walled city. Walking through a walled city and having a conversation with temple priests and local citizens becomes appealing when you interact with them over tea and snacks in their decorated and historical home. Experience the hospitality and enjoy the stories of many of the local residents as they have their ancestors witnessed the city grow since its inception. Their spellbinding narratives about the rich history of the city will keep you enthused. Heritage walk is the best way to explore the lesser known architectural wonders of Pink City.

Heritage walk witnessing the Art and culture

Since its inception, the nobles and the royal family of Jaipur had been patronizing various craftsmen and artisans in Pink City. These traditions still continue to make Jaipur a popular destination to witness the world’s rich Art & Craft. The heritage walk for art and craft bring alive all the diverse elements of living craft and culture. Observe local artisans and mingle with them to explore the artistic traditions of this fascinating city. Interested and inquisitive people will get a chance to peek into the lifestyle and craft activities with some storytelling from our expert guides.

Jaipur is famous for its chowkis or blocks of the 18th century, which are home to generations old niches of local artisan community and traders. You will be walking through Modikhana and Thathero ki Gali where a community of traders and craftsmen works. Engage with the community of local artisans, sculptors, silversmiths, bangle makers, metal workers and learn from their traditional methods. They are all resided in the planned city of Jaipur.

Heritage walk in Jaipur Bazaars

Jaipur clearly wins the game with its beautiful and colorful shopping markets that specialize in anything and everything ranging from marble statues and antique textiles to food specialties and pottery. Disclosing some of the best-kept secrets of the

Artisans, the heritage walk will let you learn about the handicrafts and the skills used behind them. You will get to discover some of the popular arts and crafts corners, which have been passed on as heirloom tradition for generations. Listening to the origin, the journey and their present value today, will leave you in as much in awe as a masterpiece in the making itself. You will clearly see the artistry and craftsmanship, come alive in their sculptures, paintings or crafts. Every intricate work will showcase the spirit infused by the masters as traditional methods are still used to produce valuable and highly prized items. It would be hard for you to stop yourself from buying them as souvenirs of a memorable experience!

You can get customized Heritage walk tours each for forts, temples, museums, art, and culture separately. Also, the heritage walk will take you to many unheard locations that are worth a visit. Heritage Walk in Jaipur is a walk to remember. With its fascinating sights, sounds, and tastes, one can easily be transported back in time. A few hours of the walk will cast a spell on you and stupefy your senses in a way that lasts as a memory for the lifetime. Thanks to these walks that made everyone understand the concept of Jaipur as a living heritage.