Rajasthan to get Tigers from another state first time

Jaipur first city having Tiger Safari with Leopard, Elephant and Lion together

Jaipur will be the only city in Rajasthan to have a tiger safari with Leopard, Elephant and Lion, safari to be built in Nahargarh Biological Park.


Jaipur will be the only city in Rajasthan to have a tiger safari with Leopard, Elephant and Lion. Tourists will be able to do tiger sightings in the open in the safari to be built in Nahargarh Biological Park.

The work of Tiger Safari has been started by the Forest Department and Jaipur Development Authority. For this, Tigers have been started to be brought to Jaipur. It is expected that Tiger Safari will be ready by the end of this year. Its construction will be done by spending Rs 7.5 crore.

According to Arindam Tomar, Chief Conservator of Forests and Wildlife Warden of the Forest Department, “Tiger Safari is being prepared on the grassland in Nahargarh. For this, JDA has started the process of tender. I hope the Tiger Safari work will be completed by the end of this year.”

“Jaipur is the only such place where Leopard, Elephant, Lion and Tiger safaris are being started in places like grasslands, dense forests, rocky mountains and mud gorges. In such a situation, Jaipur will establish its identity as a wildlife city not only in India but in the world,” he added.

As per the reports, the Tiger Safari in Jaipur will be developed in Exotic Park close to Nahargarh Biological Park. About 30 square hectares of safari preparations will be done in the hills of Nahargarh. In the safari, there will be a track, entry gate and a watch tower built in the shape of 8. Along with this, the length of the track in the safari will be 8 km. Also, ten shelters will be built for the Tigers to be kept in it at night.

250 to 300 rupees will have to be paid for the safari

This safari will be running on the lines of the Nahargarh safari. There will be 4 canters to run for safari. To travel in this, tourists will have to pay a fee of 250 to 300 per person. Apart from this, a natural balance will be maintained in the safari by keeping other wildlife along with tigers and tigresses so that they will get food. Along with this, water points will also be detailed in Safari where wildlife can easily drink water.

Firstly a pair will be kept in the Tiger Safari

It is believed that Tiger Shivaji and Tigress Rani, brought from Gwalior, will be the first to enhance the glory of this safari. After this, preparations are being made to release 2 more tigresses in safari. For this, the Forest Department is preparing to bring two tigresses from Nagpur under the Wildlife Exchange program.

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