Jaipur Book Lovers

‘Jaipur Book Lovers’ a meetup of literature enthusiast to be held this Sunday


Good news for all you bibliophile folks! The Jaipur book lover group is going to organize a meetup event is ready to roll on December 8th at 11:00 A.M. in the Step Out Cafe. Here all avid readers from Jaipur will get together and discuss the fondness and experiences of reading books and their urge to share this passion.

This is the 112th meetup organized by Jaipur Book Lovers. It is a unique initiative that brings the bible freaks in one place and lets them unwind their love for books with like-minded people. This time the meetup is having an interesting theme, “Books on Humour”. This theme is focused on all books on humor, so treat your inside reader with some fun and laugh sessions.

This event gives you an opportunity to connect with literature enthusiasts. With a number of events organized in the city every other day, this event stands out as it infuses the book readers with some solace, allow them to escape into a world of literature with people who share the same interest and take in the opinions of others on their favorite comic books. 

The Jaipur Book Lovers is a free membership club of Jaipur-based book lovers who took the initiative to rekindle the masses’ love for reading books and provide them a platform for sharing their thoughts on their favorite books or author. This group encourages people to get into reading and gather up their interest in books!

The Jaipur Book Lovers club started five years ago in September 2014, as a MeetUp group. It started with a group of four members and is now a club with 1,911 active members on its MeetUp page. They organize the meetups every alternate Sunday, have contests and recommend books on distinct themes. If you are finding it hard to pick up a book of your interest, you can check out their website for recommendations. You can also follow them on Facebook as they run a vibrant community on social media.

When: December 08, 2019

Where: Step Out Cafe, Jaipur