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Jaipur becomes first city in India to have two leopard safaris

After its inauguration on Sunday, Amagarh Leopard Safari is now open for tourists, bookings can be done online. Checkout the details.


Jaipur with its historical heritage is now gaining popularity as a major wildlife destination. Already recognized for leopard safari in Jhalana, elephant safari in Amer, and lion safari at Nahargarh Biological Park, Jaipur has added a new wildlife destination, Amagarh Leopard Safari.

Amagarh Leopard Safari in Jaipur is now open for tourists from today. After the launch of this safari, Jaipur has become the first city in the country to have two leopard safaris. The Amagarh leopard safari can now be accessed by the public and its online booking has already begun.

Virtual inauguration of Amagarh Leopard Safari

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot virtually laid the foundation stone of Amagarh Safari on the occasion of International Biological Biodiversity Day. During this, Chief Secretary to Forest Minister Hemaram Chaudhary, Usha Sharma, and top officials of the Forest Department were present.

On the virtual inauguration of Leopard Safari, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “Rajasthan has become an identity as a major wildlife destination in India. Along with Tiger Safari, there are 3 Leopard Safari in Rajasthan. Notably, Jaipur alone has 2 safaris which indicates a good sign.”

He further added that, “We also have to take the responsibility of protecting and preserving the wildlife. Currently, the state has 27 sanctuaries, four tiger reserves and 16 conservation reserves. The development of the two wildlife sanctuaries will be beneficial for handling global warming as well.”

“The opening of Leopard Safari in Jaipur will not only have a positive impact on the wildlife but on tourism as well. Every year scores of tourists arrive to visit the tourist places of Rajasthan. Now people will also come to see the safari of Rajasthan which will directly benefit the people of the state,” added CM.

According to the Forest department officials, “Presently more than 20 leopards at Amagarh Leopard Safari and a total of 75 leopards live around Jaipur, including Jhalana, Nahargarh. There is no urban area in the world with such a density of leopards. There are a large number of leopards in the Amagarh hills and adjoining forest area around Galta. Given this, developing the Amargarh forest area will keep the wildlife protected and preserved.”

About Amagarh Leopard Safari

The Amagarh Leopard Reserve is spread over an area of ​​16.36 square kilometers in the hills of Galta with more than 20 leopards living in their natural habitat. Along with Leopard, there are around 132 species of avifauna, 220 species of flora, 20 species of reptiles, to name a few. It includes various species of birds including Nilgai, Fox, Monkey, Peacock, and Wild Rabbit.

The Forest Department has developed a 12 km long safari track in Leopard Reserve. Apart from this, 7 water points have been made in Amagarh Leopard Safari where other wildlife along with Leopard can easily drink water. Moreover, there are several forts and temples inside the area like Galta and Ambamata temples and Raghunath fort.

Timings of Amagarh Leopard Safari

There will be two shifts running for leopard safari at Amagarh Leopard Reserve. The tourists will be taken on a safari once in the morning and once in the evening every day. The timings has been fixed from –

Morning shift – 5:30 am to 8:00 am
Evening shift – 4:45 pm to 7:15 pm

The entry and exit of vehicles will be done from the gate built near the Vipassana center of Galta. The Forest Department has made 3 routes in the Amagarh Leopard Safari having two major and one minor route.

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