Indian Railways to start direct train to Khatu Shyam Temple

Indian Railways is planning to begin train service between Ringas to Khatushyamji, a 16-kilometer track will be laid, work will start soon.


There is good news for devotees of Khatu Shyam ji, one of the major religious places of Rajasthan. Now, it will be very easy for people to travel to Khatu Shyam Dham, situated in Ringas of the Sikar district of Rajasthan. Indian Railways is planning to lay a new line and start direct train service to Khatu Shyam. 

The railway has given a green signal for the survey of a new rail line track from Ringas to Khatushyamji (about 16 kms). The work of this new railway line will be approved after the survey is soon done. This new line will connect Ringas to the railway network. 

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has sanctioned Rs 40 lakh while announcing the new rail line from Ringas to Khatushyamji. He has assured that the survey work of this track will be completed soon. After that the work of land acquisition and truck laying will be started.

According to Ashwini Vaishnav, “Now a sanctioned provision of money has been made for preparation of Final Location Survey (FLS) and DPR of the new rail line. Special work is being done by the Railways on the connectivity of cultural heritage and centers of religious faith. Earlier, the work of a similar new line has been started for Ambaji in Gujarat.

50 lakh devotees come every year

More than 50 lakh devotees come every year from all over the country to visit the Khatu Shyamji temple. At present, the train is operated from Jaipur to Ringas by the Railways. Pilgrims travel 16 kilometers to Ringas Khatushyamji on foot or by vehicles on other roads. However, the railway operates many special trains here for the Lakkhi fair which is held in the month of Phalgun, while stoppage of many trains is also given here.

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