Free checkups in all government hospitals in Rajasthan from today

Free OPD and IPD services for patients in all government hospitals in Rajasthan from Today, medicines and tests are also free of cost.


The Rajasthan government has issued an order to make all the treatments and tests free from April 1 in all government hospitals of the state. Under this order, all the state hospitals will provide free OPD and IPD services along with free medicines and tests.

A dry run will be conducted initially for a month during which the problems faced in the implementation of the new scheme will be identified and resolved. The scheme is to be launched formally on May 1, 2022.

From April 1, patients will not have to pay a single rupee for expensive tests like MRI, CT scan, and dialysis, which are charged from Rs 10 to Rs 8,000 for registration of OPD. All these fees will not be applicable now. However, The residents of Rajasthan will get the benefit of the free treatment while the patients coming from other states will be charged the prescribed fee.

Until now the government is providing treatment facilities to the patients in government hospitals under the Chief Minister’s Free Medicines and Testing Scheme. But, there are still many tests and medicines for which patients are charged some fees. This includes many blood tests, tests for heart problems as well as CT scans, MRI, and dialysis.

Apart from this, there are also charges for many diseases related to gastrology, neurology, ophthalmology, heart, and cancer, which cost around 100 to 8 thousand rupees. While there are other additional charges as well which includes ICU bed fees, and admission fees are charged from the patient admitted for treatment. All these tests will now be free from 1st April.

Parking, cottage, canteen fees will be charged

Charges for parking, the cottage and the canteen are kept separate. For these facilities, the patients have to pay the fees which have been fixed by the Rajasthan Medical Relief Society and the societies of medical colleges.

It is worth noting that earlier the government had made all facilities free in government hospitals for patients of age group (senior citizens) of 60 years or more. But after the announcements made in the budget, now it is going to be implemented for every age group.

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