Miraj Group Food Mart bikers shot the employee

Rs 45 lakh of a robbery at Miraj Group Food Mart, bikers shot the employee


Four bikers shot at an employee of Miraj FoodMart outside St Anselm’s School in Mansarovar and robbed him of Rs 45 lakh.

The employee identified as Naresh Saini walked out of the office along with a coworker. They both had the entire day’s collection in their bags when the robbery took place. The victim has sustained bullet injuries and is in critical condition. As soon as the incident took place, he was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

According to the police, the robbery took place outside the food mart located at Mangyawas area of Mansarover around 9 pm. Naresh Saini was carrying nearly Rs 45 lakh, while the coworker had Rs 8 lakh in another bag. As soon as they came out of the office, four men on two bikes approached him and started firing. He sustained bullet injuries in his waist. The robbers snatched the bag from Naresh and drove away.

Police suspect that the robbers had already spied out the area and knew the routine of the victim. Police put up the barricades on all the roads that exit from the area, but no clue could be found about the whereabouts of the robbers. The police will take the help of CCTV footages to identify the robbers.

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