Fire broke out at MNIT in Jaipur

Fire broke out at MNIT in Jaipur, research and gadgets destroyed

A fire broke out at MNIT in Jaipur, hard work of research scholars destroyed, Gadgets worth Rs 50 lakh also burnt.


A major accident took place at Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) in Jaipur on Tuesday. Gadgets worth lakhs and the work of research scholars were also burnt in the fire. However, no one was injured.

Actually, the fire broke out due to an electrical short circuit in the lab built on the third floor of the Physics Department of MNIT. The fire spread so fast that it reached the surrounding rooms including the lab of the Physics Department. Three fire brigade vehicles reached the spot to extinguish the fire and brought the fire under control after an hour of hard work.

At the time of the short circuit, PhD scholars were doing their research work there, but as soon as the incident occurred, everyone rushed out.

All the equipment kept in the lab was burnt to ashes

As per the information, equipment worth Rs 50 lakh was burnt and the lab was completely gutted in the fire. The lab rooms were also burnt to ashes. The research work documents, computers, lab machines, laptops of Ph.D. scholars, essential items and furniture present in the lab were burnt to ashes.

Research work of students completely destroyed

According to MNIT sources, this accident happened due to the mistake of the electrical department. The department had not completely corrected the load balance in the building. Due to load imbalance, one load was overheating.

As soon as the short circuit occurred, the entire wiring caught fire. The fan burnt first and fell down. Students sitting near it survived the accident. The major loss in this incident has been to the scholars who have been doing Ph.D. for four years. Their entire research data was in the computer. All those computers were burnt to ashes.

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