Famous Sweets Of Jaipur

Top 10 famous sweets of Jaipur everyone can relish this Holi

Looking for some really flavourful and famous sweets of Jaipur to add on with the celebrations. Here's where you can shop for the best!


With the festive time comes an unusual craving to fill your mouth with some luscious sweets and snacks to revitalize your energy and get back to the celebrations. Whether it’s for gifting or to serve your guests to welcome them, sweets are a crucial part we can’t just buy anything. It should be special and the one that is appreciated by everyone. And what if you get to have savory, mouth-watering delicacies and famous sweets of Jaipur. The joy and craze of the festival would surely get doubled. 

Hold your temptations! Here are some famous sweets of Jaipur available online to shop and stack up your drooling platter of sweets. 

Famous sweets of Jaipur

Here we are listing out some of the most popular Jaipur sweets that’ll make your festivities even more joyous. And if you are planning to host a party at home, then this list is a quick help.

1. Ghevar

When you think of any celebration, Ghevar will surely cross your mind. This the most famous sweets of Jaipur that can linger every mouth. Ghevar and festivity always go hand in hand, isn’t it? Ghevar is irresistible whether it is plain or with malai topped on it. These delectable disc shaped cakes are your way to sweet and savory heaven, so include them in your sweet platter menu and enjoy the delight on everyone’s faces.

ghevar-jaipur sweet

2. Gud ki gajak 

Gazak as some call it, is a classic Indian sweet made with Jaggery and Sesame seeds. The making of gajak is quite an art form. Gud Gajak is a simple and delicious treat much like a chikki but is thin, flaky and full of crunch. Great for a power-packed start to the mornings, this sweet from Jaipur is the most loved treat on any festive occasion.

Gud ki gajak-sweet from Jaipur

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3. Til Sankari

Til papdi with sugar is a delightful treat that’s made with sesame seeds along with a dash of almonds and a sprinkling of cardamom powder. This til patti being thin is not only attractive to look at, but also has a superbly crisp and exciting mouth-feel. This Jaipur sweet is the one you definitely need to stock and share with your friends and family members. Wait no more, and order it. 

Til Sankari

4. Mawa kachori

A burst of flavors through the delicious Mawa Kachori is something you cannot miss. This delectable dish is a crunchy sweet crust filled with sweetened Khoya and lots of nuts. While you get to taste the soft khoya inside, you also get a crunch from the nuts making this Kachori irresistible. The taste of this Jaipur sweet and scrumptious flavour will entice you and everyone who takes a bite. 

Mawa kachori

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5. Churma

The inviting smell of churma with a taste of gulab and topped with dry fruits is a total bliss. This festive time, do try this traditional Jaipur sweet which will leave you craving for more. Churma is a dessert from Rajasthani cuisine, generally prepared with ingredients like wheat flour, semolina, milk, ghee, and sugar. It is an accompaniment to the very popular Rajasthani meal Dal Baati Churma.

Gulab Churma

6. Doodh Pheni

Doodh Pheni is a simple and delicious dessert made using vermicelli fried in ghee and later dipped in sugar syrup. The crisp pheni shaped in a circle is best accompanied by an aromatic nut and saffron infused hot milk. It is this flavoured milk that elevates the pheni into the ‘decadent dessert’. Do try this light yet delish dessert and celebrate the festival by enjoying its scrumptious taste. 

Doodh Pheni rajasthani cuisine

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7. Mohanthal 

This soft, chewy yet delectable dessert is also known as Dilkhush or Besan ki Chakki. Square-Shaped Sweet Rajasthani Mohanthal Made with Cardamom and Saffron is therefore one of the best holi sweets. Absolutely delicious fudge made using gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar syrup which just melts in the mouth and keeps you craving for more and more is Mohanthal.


8. Kesar Bati 

Kesar Bati also known as Rajbhog is a traditional and one of the famous sweets of Jaipur which seems similar to rasgulla but yellow in colour topped with saffron. This chenna sweet is also quite popular and its chewy texture will make you binge on them. This is an all-occasion and festive special sweet. We bet you won’t be able to resist relishing on mohanthal and making your festival hip and happening. 

Kesar Bati 

9. Gujiya

A classic dessert – Gujiya! No one can imagine a festive bash without the ever delicious khoya and sugar filled gujiyas. Native to Rajasthan, gujiyas are sweet dumplings stuffed with yummy cardamom-flavored mawa, dry fruits and coconut. With a crispy outer layer, this crescent-shaped dessert will remind you of your memories from childhood. Fried or baked, this dessert is one that you absolutely order to leave your mouth relishing its taste forever. 


10. Doodh Ladoo

No Indian festival is complete without a ladoo. Full of deliciousness, this dessert is the epitome of sweet goodness.it is a unique laddu cooked in full fat pure milk to give it a distinctive taste and dark brown texture. You can add your own twists to the delicacy with saffron strands or fruit essence and adorn your dessert table with this delightful sweet dish.

Doodh Ladoo

Lay out your snacking plate with papad, shakkar Paras, mathri and Dahi vada and these jaipur special sweets for the best munching treat on any festive occasion. Can’t wait to indulge in these famous sweets of Jaipur! So get ready, shop for some sweets, excitedly wait for the day and PARTY! 

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