Explore Jaipur through prepaid travel cards, details inside

Jaipur will soon launch prepaid travel cards for tourists to enjoy cashless travel, expected to be released by mid-December.


Now exploring Jaipur will become easy with soon-to-launch prepaid travel cards by Jaipur City Transport Service Limited (JCTSL). JCTSL will introduce a prepaid travel card in mid-December to make intercity travel cashless and seamless.

People who use public transportation on a regular basis, have the problem of having to pay with exact change. With the launch of prepaid travel cards, travellers who take local transport like government city buses will not have to face the hassle of not having changes while paying for their tickets. 

JCTSL will launch an app through which you can recharge your travel cards using any UPI application. Initially, only a limited number of pre-paid travel cards will be made available at selected branches of Yes Bank. Users will then need to recharge their cards for future travels. 

How to use a Prepaid Travel Card? 

When you board a bus, a travel card can be given to the bus conductor instead of purchasing a ticket. The card will be swiped at the available Point of Sale and you will get a ticket to your desired destination. No cash transaction will be required. 

After the initial phase, JCTSL will shortly make these prepaid cards accessible at JCTSL’s headquarters and all of its depots located around the city of Jaipur. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you can avail this service for efficient and economic travel.

Jaipur City Transport Services Limited operates local city buses in Jaipur City, Sanganer, Amber, Neendor and Bassi. There are city night service buses too that will take you to the local railway station. There are also some buses that take tourists for intra-city travel. 

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