wildlife event in Jaipur

A mega wildlife event in Jaipur: 2,000 wildlife conservators from 55 countries will participate


For the first time in the country, a mega event of the world’s largest and longest effective wildlife conservation ‘Worldwide Foundation Global’ is going to be held in Jaipur.

This will be an 8-day Mega event held in Birla Auditorium of Jaipur by the efforts of Sunil Mehta, son of Wildlife and Padma Shri SR Mehta. The event will take place from 19 to 26 March next year.

This 11th ‘World Wilderness Conference’ event will include more than 2,000 conservationists, environmentalists, scientists, corporate heads, 55 presidential leaders, Nobel Prize winner activists, etc.

from 55 countries. Along with this, people from 100 countries with related fields will keep an eye on the issues online. Due to its high level and the grandeur, the state government has approved to be its co-organizer.

According to tradition, wherever this event has been organized in the country, the President inaugurates it. In such a situation, there are full expectations of the presidential inauguration session in Jaipur for which initiatives have begun by Vince Martin, the president of Wilderness Foundation Global. He recently visited Jaipur to know and finalize the preparations.

The city’s wildlifer Sunil Mehta has been appointed as the managing director for the program. He told that this organization is the world’s largest group of wildlife under which institutions of many countries are connected.

Earlier, The World Wilderness Conference program has been organized in 11 countries including the USA, South Africa, Mexico, Scotland, Norway, Spain, and Australia. People from all over the world will participate in this event, hence Jaipur will be recognized on the World Map. Also, various projects like Tiger, Desert Project will get an international stage. Being organized in Jaipur, the local issue of country-state will get a big platform along with financial-ideological help from organizations around the world.

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