elephant ride in jaipur

Elephant ride in Amer gets costlier now

The prices for Elephant rides at Amer palace increased, now tourists have to pay 2500 rupees per round. Fees increased after 15 years.


The fee for elephant rides in Amer Palace has been increased after 15 years. Now tourists will have to pay Rs 2500 for elephant rides. The new rates will be effective from October 1, 2024, out of which the elephant owner will get Rs 2100 after deducting Rs 400 various fees. Now the rates will be reviewed after 5 years.

Currently, tourists have to pay Rs 1100 per elephant. After deducting various charges the elephant owner gets Rs 850. A proposal to increase the fee was made in a meeting held in the Archeology Department on June 26, in which officials of Tourism, Archeology and Forest Departments and elephant owners were involved.

Elephant Owners Development Committee Chairman and others have expressed happiness over the decision and said that this will lead to better care of elephants. Also, elephant riding can be made more organized and environmentally friendly.

There are around 75 elephants in the area, and during the winter, they take four to five rounds, while in the summer, they take two rounds. The daily cost of maintaining an elephant is currently around Rs 4,000.

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