door-to-door garbage collection in Jaipur

Door to Door cleaning in Jaipur with scanning QR codes

Codes installed at home will tell whether the garbage is picked up or not. 20 Rs to 5000 Rs monthly charges will be taken from the residents.


A new system will soon be implemented for door-to-door garbage collection in Jaipur city. This will reduce the complaints of garbage vehicles not coming every day. QR codes will be installed, scanning will be done before lifting the garbage. This monitoring tracking will improve the cleanliness system.

The Municipal Corporation is preparing to install Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) at every house to monitor the Door to Door Garbage Collection. After the installation of this system, the employees will scan the tag of the particular house they go to collect the garbage. Only after scanning it will it be considered that the vehicle has picked up the garbage from that house.

Actually, at present, the BVG company is doing garbage collection work. A total of 320 garbage collection vehicles have been installed in 150 wards of Greater Municipal Corporation. The problem arrives when the vehicle does not reach every street daily. Hence the need for a new system was felt.

Taking lessons from the current working style of BVG Company, the Greater Municipal Corporation is preparing to issue fresh garbage collection tenders. Care is also being taken to ensure that the work is not affected even in the event of a strike. As of now, the contract will be done for two years and can be extended for one more year.

Planning to remove the BVG company

In view of the frequent strikes of the employees of BVG Company and the complaints coming about the company’s work, the Municipal Corporation Greater has decided to end its contract and remove it. On the lines of Municipal Corporation Heritage, Municipal Corporation Greater will also get the door-to-door garbage collection work done in Jaipur city at its level.

The new system will prove beneficial 

With the new system, the Municipal Corporation will be able to manage the data of the waste generated from every household. Accordingly, action will be taken against the employee if any house is skipped. The employee has to reach every house every day to scan the code. This will solve the problem of the non-collection of garbage.

Preparations are in progress for this

According to the officials associated with the health branch of the Municipal Corporation of Greater, this system has been tried in some selected areas in Ranchi, Agra city. It is also being considered to start in Jaipur. Recently, when a review meeting was held regarding door-to-door garbage collection, it was discussed and the officials concerned were instructed to work.

This is how the RFID system will work

A paper scan code will be placed outside every house.

The employee who came to collect the garbage would scan the code from a machine.

Only after reading it will it be considered that the garbage has been picked up from the house.

A control room will also be set up for its monitoring.

These charges are fixed

₹20 from houses up to 50 sq. meters

₹80 from houses of 50-300 sq. meters

₹250 from Shop, Sweet Shops, Coffee house

₹ 500 to ₹ 3000 from Guest House, Hotels, Hostel to Restaurant

₹ 700 from Training Institute, Bank, Government Office

₹2000 to ₹4000 from Hospitals

₹2000 to ₹5000 from Wedding Venue

₹750 from Workshops

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