Covid 19 vaccination centres in jaipur

Covid 19 vaccination for people above 45 years started, 180 centres set up in Jaipur


The vaccination campaign initiated by the government to vaccinate people above 45 years of age started on 1 April. The medical and health department has set up over 180 centres in Jaipur city. 

The vaccination campaign at government hospitals, primary health centres and other medical facilities started at 9 am on Thursday. There was a varied response to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the state. While queues were seen at the centres in many districts, there was no crowd at any of the vaccination centres in Jaipur.

Corona vaccines have been given to those above forty-five years of age according to the guideline of the Rajasthan government. The people showed their interest in getting free vaccination at government hospitals. As per the rates specified by the state government, the private hospitals are charging Rs 250 for vaccination.

On the first day, nearly 2000 people were vaccinated at the centres all across the state. While 153 people were given the Corona vaccine in Jaipur city.

According to the officials, people should carry an identification card like Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card or passport to get vaccinated. People will be asked to confirm their identity at the vaccination centre. The vaccination process would be faster if the people register at to book their appointment. They will be recommended vaccination centre after the registration.

“People should get vaccinated so that the spread of the virus can be contained. Don’t pay attention to rumours or misinformation on social media and WhatsApp. There are no reports lf any long-term side effects and is safe,” said an official.

Earlier the corona vaccine was being given to people above 60 years of age, but since April 1, the corona vaccine is also being given to people above 45 years of age on the orders of the state government.

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