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COVID-19: Jaipur Range Police to solve your troubles at the comfort of your home


Jaipur Range Police of Rajasthan has launched a visionary initiative ‘E-Hearing & Solutions’ for Corona affected people and people living in containment zones and lockdown areas.

In order to connect with E-hearing and solution, the concerned person will have to register on WhatsApp number issued by the police with their name, address and age and the problem details in brief.

In the Corona era (COVID-19), the Jaipur Range Police has initiated a big drive and started ‘E-Hearing & Solutions’ to facilitate the common man. In this, arrangements for hearing problems have been made for corona infected persons and those living in containment and lockdown zones. People living nearby cities of Jaipur and people of Jaipur Range living abroad will also be able to use this facility offered by Jaipur Police range through video calling. This facility will be available for residents of Alwar, Bhiwadi, Dausa, Sikar, Jaipur Rural and Jhunjhunu falling in Jaipur Police Range.

According to the I.G of Jaipur Range S.Sengathir, “All sorts of issues related to Jaipur range will be resolved through E-hearing. This facility is being provided to the people infected with Covid-19 virus, home isolation, institutional quarantined people, living in the containment Zone or lockdown areas. Apart from Rajasthan, those people living in other states and abroad who cannot visit in person can also utilize E-hearing and solutions.”

Registration will have to be done through WhatsApp number.

To connect with e-hearing and solution, the concerned person will have to register with their WhatsApp number and provide them with the details like their name, address and age and problem in brief. After this, information regarding the date, time and time associated with e-hearing will be sent to their WhatsApp number.

Through this, the IG of Jaipur Range, S.Sengathir will be made aware of your any type of police-related problem. This will be done via the video conference as per the scheduled time and the guided link.

The hearing will be conducted on a weekly basis. E-hearing and solutions will be arranged through a weekly video conference. In this, legal action will be ensured by hearing the problems of the complainants registered on WhatsApp number through video conferencing every week.

People can register on this mobile number –

WhatsApp registration: +91 9530427722

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