Covid-19 pandemic

Government to cut their expenses to cope up with Covid-19 pandemic


After a long political hardship, a meeting of the cabinet was held at the Chief Minister’s residence under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday. In the meeting, the government took a big decision on cutting off the expenses to help the COVID victims. The decision will come into action from the month of September.

As per the decision, the salaries of the Chief Minister, Ministers, State Ministers, IAS, RAS and other employees including the State Subordinate Service will be deducted and the permission for the same has been approved. The amount received from the salary deduction will be used for those affected by the COVID epidemic.

The salary of 7 days will be deducted every month from the gross salary of the Chief Minister, Minister and Ministers of State. Salary of two days monthly of IAS and RAS officers will be deducted. The salary of one day will be deducted from the gross salary of all legislators. While for subordinate service and other state employees, one day salary will be deducted every month.

The salaries of doctors, officers-personnel of the Department of Medical Education associated with medical and health services will not be deducted. Also, the salary of the police constables, officers-personnel of the courts, judges of the High Court and the judges of the subordinate courts will also not be deducted. The salary of all the state government employees working in the pay scale of L-1 to L-4 will also not be deducted.

Moreover, instructions were given to reduce other expenses as well. The expenses will be reduced on government visits, on office expenses, travel expenses, computer maintenance, stationery.

According to the instructions, this financial year the expenses will be deterred to 70 percent. The visits for government work will be kept to a minimum, as far as possible meetings will be conducted via video conference. For air travel, officials will travel in economy class only. Travel in executive and business classes will be completely restricted. There will be a complete restriction on airfare and travel abroad on state expenditure.

More to this, instructions were also given to reduce other miscellaneous expenses. Stationery expenses will be reduced, 100% State Fund will not be allowed for the opening of new offices, purchase of new vehicles and other equipment will be prohibited. All sorts of machinery, devices, tools, and other new items will not be purchased except for the important equipment necessary for prevention, treatment and assistance of victims of Covid-19 epidemic. Only the materials and tools needed to manage the procedures can be acquired.

All types of training, seminars, festivals and exhibitions will be conducted online. In the most urgent circumstances, they can be organized only in state institutions, government buildings or state premises. Instructions have also been given to reduce the budget for the exhibition by at least 50 per cent. There will also be a ban on buying state banquets and gifts for hospitality. All state programs, inauguration ceremonies etc. will be done with simplicity or if possible, through video conferencing only.