door-to-door garbage collection

Cleanliness Monitoring App launched for door-to-door garbage collection

Mobile app released for door to door garbage collection in Malviya Nagar and Murlipura zones, status of complaints will be visible.


From today, people will no longer need to call the councilor or the call center to complain about door-to-door garbage collection. User charge of 20 to 150 rupees on door-to-door garbage collection from new year, mobile app launched for monitoring and complaint. 

User charges on garbage collection in Jaipur will be collected from the new year in the Greater Municipal Corporation of Jaipur. The charge will be collected depending on the size of the house. The corporation will take money online through a QR code instead of garbage collection. 

At present, the mobile app has been started from Malviya Nagar and Murlipura zones. Before the arrival of the hopper in Malviya Nagar and Murlipura zones, people will receive an alert message and the vehicle will also arrive shortly after that.

Through the app, users will be able to complain about garbage collection and corporation officials will be able to do real-time monitoring of garbage collection. The complaint will be registered at the corporation headquarters and the disposal status can also be seen online while sitting at home. In case of non-availability of the vehicle, the residents will mark ‘absence’ on the app itself. On complaint, the corporation will impose a penalty on the cleaning company.

MLA Kalicharan Sarraf, Mayor Saumya Gurjar and Commissioner Mahendra Soni launched the mobile app at the corporation headquarters with the aim of making the garbage collection system user-friendly. For the first time, a self-funded, self-sustainable model has been introduced for-to-door garbage collection. In this, money will be collected from the houses and paid to the company.

The programmers of the corporation will monitor this system based on GPS. The corporation has installed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards to make the city garbage-free. With the implementation of this RFID-based system, the residents will now have to pay user charges for garbage collection. 

Rs. 100 from each house. 250 from commercial property user charges will be levied. Rs. 20 for houses up to 50 square yards, Rs. 80 for houses up to 100 square yards. And Rs.150 from big houses will be recovered. There will be more recovery from commercial property.

How to connect to the cleaning monitoring app

1. First of all, one has to search the app from Google Play Store
By the name of
People of Malviya Nagar Zone: Malviya Nagar Jaipur SWM
People of Murlipura Zone: Murlipura Jaipur SWM

2. After downloading the app, the number of the RFID card installed at home has to be entered.

3. The status of door-to-door garbage collection in the ward, the location of vehicles and information related to garbage collection and complaints will be available on the app itself.

4. After this, the name of hopper’s vehicle driver, helper and mobile number of the ward’s supervisor will be known. Also there will be a customer care number.

5. Citizens will be able to register complaints by going to the complaint box. In this, you will be able to complain about garbage not being picked up, cards being damaged, supervisor not picking up the phone, vehicles not stopping and hopper’s voice being less or more.

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