Electric cars charged at airport in Jaipur

Electric cars will be charged at the airport in Jaipur

Two new charging stations have been started at Jaipur airport from Thursday. Time slots can be booked on the app.


Those who drive Electric vehicle (EV) will no longer have the tension of charging. A new station has been started in Jaipur to charge these cars. Till now this service was available only at the car or vehicle showroom. But, for the first time the facility has been started at Jaipur airport from Thursday.

Two charging stations have been built here where 50 vehicles can be fully charged in 24 hours. In order to avoid crowding at these charging stations and save the time of the driver, the time slot can be booked for vehicle charging. 

According to the airport authority, the DC fast electric vehicle charging station at the airport has been started near the exit gate of Terminal 2. This charging station has been started for the use of passengers and the public. The special thing is that it will be cheaper than other charging stations.

Rs 17 will be charged per unit

For charging vehicles at this charging station, a bill of Rs 17 per unit will have to be paid. Two CCS 2 type gun chargers have been installed in the charging station, which are of 30 kW and 20 kW capacity.

Any EV can be charged with this CCS 2 type gun charger. Apart from this, the airport authority will soon set up a charging station to charge the EVs used inside the airport.

It will be about 3 to 4 rupees cheaper than other charging stations. 21 to 22 rupees have to be paid at other charging stations, but here only 17 rupees will be charged per unit.

Will be able to book time slot through AI

For the convenience of the people coming to this station, the Airport Authority has started the facility of time slot on the mobile app. For this, users have to download the EV app of Adani Total Gas Limited (ATGL). Time, Energy and Money modes can be used to charge your EV. In time mode, the user can choose the time when he wants to charge the vehicle, in energy mode, he will also get the option of how many units the vehicle needs to be charged.

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